Monday, April 25, 2016

Lebanon with 4.4M nationals has over 2M refugees – and over 5,000 Sri Lankan Maids too! So why can’t we take in Syrian Refugees!

We MUST think out of the box. How would Sri Lanka be perceived in the world if we could truthfully house 1,000 families, say about 4,000 people in our Island to take them out of the misery of camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. I suggest we at least offer to take this number. You would be surprised how it will be beneficial to Sri Lanka.

Most successful people in the world have left their Countries of origin, left suppression, and made it good in their adopted homelands. Even Sri Lankans, Tamils who left the Country, seeking greener pastures have made it good.

How many of the readers know that MAXXIS owns half of Sri Lanka Telecom, the SL Govt. owns the other half? Their owner Anandakrishnan’s father caught the train from Jaffna and came to Colombo, eventually settling in Malaysia, I find it funny therefore when the SLT markets itself as a local telecom company! Frankly, we have a telecom revolution in Sri Lanka, where the whole population owns and uses phones, and all of them have foreign ownership. Why? Because we were never able to develop it on our own, due to shortsighted and bureaucratic policies, which foreign owners were able to overcome.

It is this new thinking that immigrants into Sri Lanka can bring. After all at present over 4Million people have emigrated out of Sri Lanka, either as permanent émigrés, or temporary émigrés working for a short time to build up a nest egg before returning here. SO what is the problem of taking in 4,000 people, 0.1% of the people who have left. It is a no brainer for people who think we have too many people. We don’t have too many. We have too little, and worse we have so many jobs, that people don’t want to do.

The headlines recently said how the Construction Industry has to hire foreign labor as we don’t have enough people with the skills necessary to do the job. As a Country we are simply rotted away, and we need new blood to awaken our inner senses, and show us the way to do things and get us out of our laziness, slumber, and defeatist mentality. We as a Country have NO REAL PROBLEMS, but we behave as if we have. Just the other day there was an earthquake that killed and destroyed a lot just in Japan, and we are itching to go there too.

We have to be constantly reminded by foreigners that we have what most people want but we don’t realize it, and we are constantly complaining and doing all the wrong things to make our lives miserable. It is time we encouraged some infusion of people to shake rattle and roll our sleeping procrastinators!    

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