Monday, April 4, 2016

CEB Engineers are old school Neanderthals – we need a change of thinking

Unless we have the courage of our convictions to take a completely new approach to electricity, usage, generation, need and supply we cannot answer the intractable problems that the CEB engineers with their tunnel vision, and lack of knowledge about new energy sources, trying to dictate terms. It is this use of mindless, brainless, overpaid, goofballs who dictate terms to hapless ministers presented with a fait accompli that the engineers themselves have hatched, is nothing more than a dance of traitors, that MUST be stopped if we are to progress on a new strategy.

Coal has failed already with the Norochchalai fiasco, and we cannot tolerate any more Coal Fired Power Stations, in a world where people are desperately shutting them down, as hazards to the Environment and Health.

We must be mad as a nation to even contemplate a Coal Powered future for the next 50 years leaving a desolate desert of a Country with dead people and dead vegetation, with full knowledge of the consequences for all to see all over the world. Further the transmission lines also seem to be laid in a way that is NOT conducive to renewable energy, another  ADDED item to treachery.

For a Country with Sea all around, in the Equator with all the sun at our command, and the current state of technology of Solar and Wind Power, it does seem that our decision makers as well as our scientists and engineers are still living in the period of the Industrial Revolution of England and not the technological revolution of today.

The sheer immovability of our taciturn public adds to this crisis as they just don’t seem to realize what is at stake, or even don’t care, fully submerged in a greedy lifestyle where the concern is only on their well being and NOT even about their pre-adult children for whom they are currently making the decisions.

Social Media is abuzz with this looming disaster, but the mainstream press is only taking this only to a special feature section, rather than have screaming headlines, announcing the end of the world as we know it, Courtesy of the CEB!

We don’t have a moment to lose, as the agreements are about to be signed, firstly with the Indians for Sampur and then with the Japanese for the one in Trincomalee, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone in Govt. with the courage to be the standard bearer of enough fossil fuel burning, lets go renewable NOW!

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