Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is this an admission that we waited 17 months for Yahapalanaya to begin?

The ratification of the new the appointment of the new IGP was done by the President, on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council. The CC’s
Civil Society members Radhika Coomaraswamy and AT Ariyaratne were not present at the meeting and therefore with the PM and Wijedasa recusing themselves, and the Speaker NOT voting, the rest recommended Pujitha Jayasundera! Of those who voted, one deliberately spoiled his vote. So technically 6 people of the Constitutional Council did not vote for the newly appointed IGP! So you can see the step motherly treatment this appointment was given by the CC~

I personally believe ALL members of the Constitutional Council must cast their vote for this most important post along with that of the Attorney General, if they deserve to serve in this most august of bodies.

Further, as I have written before, though the appointment was NOT my preferred choice, I believe due process was followed, and I will not attack this appointment, and hope he fulfills the expectations of the nation. I would say however that this process should have been done in January, so that arrangements for a smooth transition could have been made.

If there is any truth in the link above, it is very troubling to read the behavior of the previous IGP, who has deliberately delayed along the AG’s department, the prosecution of crimes against the state, or in short, treasonable offences, for which the death penalty would be the natural punishment if found guilty!

We just cannot expect the stodgy police force, and the even ludicrous AG’s department with very poor quality individuals to come up with the goods the nation as a whole expects, and for which the whole Government has now come to disrepute due to their inability to pursue real crimes to the fullest.

The answer is to beef up both these prosecutory, and evidence finding institutions with highly paid consultants or temporary secondments in order that they speed up their long list of pending cases, for which the current carder is simply technically incompetent to prosecute!

The public is losing their patience for which the Govt. is responsible, even though the Police Force have the task with the AGs dept of bringing the cases to court. SO let us hope this man is up to the task! Otherwise the Govt. is doomed!

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