Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sampanthan – Kilinochchi Camp saga – all about Political Posturing!

In order to close the chapter in the Army camp invasion saga, both sides are bent on Media posturing to such an extent that it is a purposely manufactured news item for personal glory, but NOT newsworthy enough to warrant a mention!

The TNA which is losing credibility amongst the Tamil population, it pretends to represent, wanted to gain some publicity, that they were doing something on behalf of the people, and what better event than to go to a small army camp with a bunch of people who have been trying to get their land back (those overseas MUST understand that LAND is a very emotive subject in SL, especially where unauthorized people have purloined other people’s land)

This camp has been constructed during the period of strife on private land owned by individuals who want their land GIVEN BACK TO THEM. I know many people who have land that is being currently occupied by the forces in all sorts of places and are negotiating with the government on the QT to get it back. If it is your land would you not try to recover it from whoever is currently occupying it. When it is the Govt. who is occupying, it is more difficult to go to Court to seek legal redress, and what you do is to use your influence, pay off politicians and such means to reclaim you land. That is WRONG.

There must be a commission that is appointed to look into all these cases, and arbitrate on each case on its merits, which result in a promise of eventual return, and until such time it is safe to return the land, the owners, be paid a reasonable rental during the period of occupation! THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!

Sampanthan on the other hand casually walked in with Sumanthiran, and were let in and wanted to score political points, to get the land back. This created a fury, as he is the Leader of the Opposition, who is entitled to visit army camps with due notice, and had not made that notice, as this was a spur of the moment thing to score brownie points with Tamil civilians!

The JO is crying foul, that our security is compromised, and the Govt. is pulling rank and protocol to say he violated rules of etiquette in NOT requesting permission! All this is a hill of beans, meant to confuse the people, as it is NOT even newsworthy, and a waste of time, and NO ONE in the press has commented on the real issue at hand, on the process by which private lands anywhere in Sri Lanka, commandeered by the State be returned, purchased, or rented until the need ceases.

What kind of idiots to we have in SL Media/ Journalists who don’t get it!!!

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