Monday, July 28, 2014

The worst is yet to come – but the end is nigh!

Just as the Sri Lankan Army was able to evacuate 300,000 residents of the strip across Nandikanal, after the final push and pummeling of the LTTE and killing those leaders of the LTTE who came with white flags, as it was felt that they being given Asylum in the West will only mean that they will re flag to fight another day.

In retrospect however it is looked at the Sri Lankans lacked the courage to admit their culpability in the interests of the greater good to destroy the first rung and second rung leaders of the LTTE. It is this cowardice to admit that we are paying this price with international inquiries.

If the Israelis can learn something from this, it is that they must be able to remove the whole population of Gaza by evacuation if they are to win, otherwise they will lose this battle badly.  Unless they are willing to process and evacuate, 1.8m people they have to grant independence to Gaza, whether they like it or not.

You cannot barrel a people who for over 70 years have been evacuated from territories Israel currently occupy, to accept anything less if they are to let the Israelis live in peace.  

Hamas have just shown their strength by giving the Israeli Army something to fight. The one sided ceasefire where Israel allowed itself the right to pursue and destroy the tunnels within Gaza, whether they were going to Israel or just within Gaza did not matter to them, as they are potential sites for storing arms.

As tunnels are secret, they don’t allow Palestinians to take shelter from shelling. However while Israel continues to kill innocents, the Hamas can hide in safety in the tunnels away from the fire, a highly effective way to put the Israeli army on the spot and show the world that in their attempt to hit Hamas they are miserably failing and only killing innocent women and children.

Now that Hamas are confident of fighting the Israelis without surrender, will continue to garner the world wrath as they will continue to kill more civilians in Gaza. Once the destruction stops or 1500 are killed they will be forced by world opinion to stop. 

By this time Netanyahu would be known as the 21st century Hitler and his work that of the similar Holocaust causing the Jewish state much embarrassment from which it will not be able to emerge unscathed. It will have to agree to unconditional withdrawal and permitting Gaza free access to movement of all goods and people bar arms. So much for Israel’s incursion, and battle loss.

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