Friday, July 11, 2014

How far-fetched can our imagination run? We can all seek refugee status!

A time for movie screenplays and not asylum

I recently blogged about the boat people to Australia NZ and it is a follow up to that story that is related here.

It is the stories of a whole host of those refugees and their individual reasons for fleeing Sri Lanka. Read it for yourself, as the stories are quite imaginative and reflects the imaginative stories one hears every day in Sri Lanka.

I am willing to accept that there are some elements of truth in some of these stories but padded they surely are to make bed time reading if it was not a life and death decision for some people.

Who said living in Sri Lanka is a piece of cake. This is life for all in a state of lawlessness. If the Australian Immigration Authorities heard all the stories and took in refugees based on that ONLY THE GOVT MP AND MINISTERS WOULD REMAIN ALONG WITH THE PRESIDENT AND SOME OF HIS SYCOPHANTS in the Island!!

Trust me every Sri Lankan including me has a “refugee status justification story” to relate about our personal circumstances. Remember this is a land like no other, and it is in that sense the wonder of the world, as we tolerate an administration that continues to exploit people and put them into compromising situations, by threats of revenge, blackmail, torture and in short a whole country living in fear not knowing when and where the next disaster is to await them.

There is only one simple answer to all the problems of Sri Lanka.  It is a return to the RULE OF LAW. Once that is in place, then all the other issues will settle themselves of their own accord, as then the criminal elements will be locked up and the law abiding free to live their lives knowing that justice will prevail.

It is easier said than done but nevertheless quite possible in a short time if there is a will amongst the people to change the status quo.


  1. I love it the T shirt says it all - Look into the Eyes of a Deadman!!

  2. Yes there is a will amongst the people, but their is not enough will to join the uprising needed to make the change.