Saturday, July 12, 2014

The time has come to remove Hakeem – as bad for Sri Lanka

A political opportunist with connections

Hakeem from Kandy, the Minister of Justice for an absurdly long period in Sri Lanka is a floating Muslim, who is all things to all men. He claims his constituency as the Muslims of the Eastern Province, as that was I believe where the power base of the Muslim Congress of Ashraff came from and which is machinated to grab on Ashraff’s untimely and still unsolved demise in the Helicopter Accident.  

I show the link below to an address he made to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association in Sri Lanka, a very influential body on world opinion on Sri Lanka, and it was clear from what he had told them, that he unequivocally blamed the rising BBS militancy as a precursor to the possible radicalization of Muslims in Sri Lanka!

This is a VERY SERIOUS ALLEGATION, which is speculative at best and factually incorrect at worst. If one reads history, Muslims 50 years ago were far more integrated with the local people and conformed in dress and behavior and practiced their beliefs without much visual inconvenience with the host majority community. This has changed, long before the BBS ever appeared on the scene.

I am neither Buddhist or Muslim and am trying to be impartial, however difficult that might be in this particular essay. It is possible that the BBS arose out of this perceived threat that the powerful Muslims in Sri Lanka did nothing to prevent or minimize. The radical ideas of Muslims in the past 50years from the early 1970’s possibly made easy due to the wealth generated in the oil crisis 1970s, have in a very sinister way entered SL Muslim society in slow but steady way. As Imams are NOT a structured system like Buddhist Clergy or Christian Church hierarchy, it is easy for well funded organizations, to produce Imams deft at preaching their sort of Islam, and changing thought in a subtle way which has definitely taken place.

I wish I had a video of an Imam 50 years ago today speaking at Friday prayers to compare with one of today to illustrate my point. Any moderate Muslim reading this will know what I am getting at. 

IT IS INCUMBENT upon moderate Muslims to CHALLENGE the current move to radicalism within the community and NOT BLAME external forces for their incubation of radicalism. 


He has  become part of the problem and not the solution. Time he is taken out of the game.  WHERE ARE THE MODERATES?      

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