Tuesday, July 8, 2014

He who accepts evil without protecting it is really co-operating with it – MLK Jnr

The saying above applies to all those sitting on the fence whilst Rome burns!
So Cyril is in town and an unauthorized twitter account of his says he is here to watch the South African Cricketers in action! Well that account may be right, as there is nothing that he says or does that will change the status quo of an obstinate administration believing in its infallibility “so help me God!”

I urge the readers to follow the diplomatic language he will issue, as both Countries want to be friends and birds of a feather wish to stick together! As he has been given this task by the SA president he is just doing his duty or at least seen to be. In this regard the showman ship of the SL President is to show to the world that he is doing his all, despite the disapproval of his coalition partners.

All this is part of the boru show being put on to titillate the ignorant masses into a false sense of cooperation, which MR will use to gain maximum political advantage.

I am sure Cyril would have never met such a wily creature as our President, who never is what he shows himself to be. I hope he also realizes that until the TNA apologize for their being apologists for the LTTE they too are sullied in blood and are equally culpable.

It would be ironic to see Sambandan sharing the lifers cell with MR, and trust me Samby will outlive MR inside. So much for the boru talk.

Tamil and Sinhala people of Sri Lanka it is time you regain Sri Lanka from these miscreants and show the world what this Country is made up of, a far better breed than the UPFA and TNA politicians and their henchmen  and sycophants.

So as I noted in my previous entry, just look at the hilarious side of Cyril’s visit by rhyming, nice one Cyril, nice one son, nice one Cyril let’s have another shy at the ball in the Cricket Match, and may the best team win.

Let all of us ignore the visit and enjoy the cricket, and by so doing we will keep our wits about us, without getting unduly hot under the collar of this visit of NO consequence.      

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