Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Sri Lanka we live in two different worlds

the one that people see on TV, hear on the Radio and read in the Papers, and a completely different world called REALITY that no one is privy to, except the perpetrators of the crimes themselves.

It is rarely that the blogger is able to sus out some of the truth, as I have attempted to in many instances, more to the point though, there are many instances where there are traitors in the guise of patriots and party seniors, who have completely broken the trust their constituents have placed on them by their vote, and are working in completely the opposite direction to that which is put out for public consumption sometimes, by a partial and sometimes by an ignorant coterie of YES MEN who make up much of the news that is written in Sri Lanka today.

This sordid conspiracy is unfathomable, as it is so bizarre and brazen and done without any compunction. I know my readers would be horrified if only they knew how duplicitous their people’s representatives are, taking the whole country for a ride by their deceitful behavior and activity!

I am privy to a lot of information daily that if my readers know or believe, or more to the point a large section of the public are aware, these people would be driven out faster than what happened to Prabarkaran, as at least the LTTE supremo’s terrorism was in the open and for all to see, whilst this is more sinister, unseen, but worse, breaking the trust of many millions of people who accept their trust without any question or concern in their minds as to the standing and believability of their stand.

I know that recently there have been many cases in the Western Press where people of repute have been sullied and history rewritten about them due to Child Abuse allegations etc. the problem with the dead is that they are NOT subject to the same laws as those alive and so are NOT brought to a Court of law to stand trial and so found guilty, so we have to continue to use the word alleged.

It is this same thing that these leaders of Sri Lanka, who one day will be outed for their heinous crimes, will have to face as their legacy. That would not be a matter of concern to us, except that millions of people are being affected by the lies they perpetrate, perpetuate and continue to pontificate that have affected the wellbeing of Sri Lankans, Sri Lanka which are crimes far worse than what  Prabakaran is accused of committing, but for whom they will only be found out after their demise, and up to that time, they tend to be revered figures continuing to this day of mass deception, gaining more popularity due to that, and continuing to fool a generation of people in Sri Lanka the effects of which we may never recover from due to the damage they have been able to inflict on Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans.           


  1. Agree with the sad reality and how people are fooled daily! Today's example of such an event.

    The long and short of it is that Sajith Premadasa is working to Mahinda Rajapksa’s agenda. It is quite likely that he is being supported, in fact being financially assited by his patron Mahinda Rajapaksa whilst trying to pretend that he is anything but and pointing to his erstwhile nemesis Ranil Wickremasinghe as the person who is working to Mahinda’s Agenda.

    In short he DOES not want the UNP to win or raise their head against the Govt. and is working hard to prevent a UNP resurgence. If anyone is in any doubt as to this statement, just look at what he has done, or rather not done. He has NOT stepped into his adjoining district of Moneragala to help the campaign there whilst Karu Jayasuriya has held numerous meetings in support of the party. WHY? Why has he not even begun helping his friend Ranjith Madduma Bandara with the campaign and meetings? He DOES NOT want the UNP to win in UVA. Why so that he can keep on questioning the Leadership, of which he has now completely given up any rights he may have harbored in the past.

    The latest twist in the this stupid saga of his mental deviancy was in full view today, when he as District Leader has prevented a youth rally taking place in Hambantota on Sunday, which would have kick started the youth resurgence of the Hambantota District. For starters all the other candidates have submitted the lists of youth as requested, and Premadasa has DELIBERATELY not submitted them. It is an act of defiance as he wants to run his own, nothing to do whti the UNP youth team, from Tissamaharama, for what purpose we do NOT KNOW other than to scupper a UNP revival in the heartland of the Rajapakses which would have been an ideal way to show the people of UVA that we mean business and can go to Hambantota and openly show the canard of the mess that is that District despite the billions of rupees wasted in there!

    What a huge opportunity foregone! All because of an insecurity and possible connivance with the Rajapakses to permit them safe passage in Hambantota devoid of opposition. It is time the Country realized the character that is Sajith Premadasa. He is a mentally sick individual, just look at the daily photos of him and ask a psychiatrist to comment on his facial features and expressions.

    It is time he is expelled from the Party, and we once and for all rid this party of the Cancer that is Sajith, and be done without him holding the future progress of the party with a few henchmen set to destroy the future of Sri Lanka! SHAME ON HIM

  2. A senior journalist wrote in today's Lankadeepa that the births in Sri Lanka in 2013 as compared with 2012 rose by 44% (see section two 5th Aug 14 lankadeepa front page Colombo Edition)

    Any idiot can see that it is a crazy statement to make and the journalist should be sacked on the spot. However the journalist does not understand what is even likely to be in the realms of dreamland as this cannot be in the realms of dreamland either.

    Just have to go to the website to realize that births only rose by 10,000 about 3% !!!!!

    So much for the Sri Lankan profession call journalism! SO DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU READ

  3. So true how the people of Sri Lanka have not yet learned how to think and believe the absurd as they are not taught to evaluate the reasonableness of a person's action or behavior.

  4. Whilst there is a lot that people miss in every country, it is noticeably bad in Sri Lanka because the Govt. gets away with murder literally as the people are just too ill educated to understand what is happening just under their noses.

    they are in a mindset to believe unreal threats of foreign interference to the real threats of freedoms to their own livelihood by their own Govt. It is ironic that everything the Govt. accuses foreign NGOs of doing is exactly what the Govt. is engaged in doing.

    Only the people of Sri Lanka don't appear to get it

  5. http://www.ft.lk/2014/08/07/uva-a-high-stakes-game/

    It is clear from the above that Sajith is not fit to be in the UNP. If there are any doubters on that score just read the link above to Darisha Bastian's article on UVA which also mentions in passing that Sajith left the chamber of the house before Harin Ferenando rose to speak!