Sunday, July 27, 2014

Palestine and Israel neither existed then– so why is one and not the other?

Now there will be both before too long!

The ongoing conflict has flared up yet again, and there is NO end in sight. It will NOT end unless there is a great degree of willingness to forgive and forget. That is asking a lot, but I believe it is now possible as it can be shown that at each war the resolve of each side becomes greater, and so the chance of an even bloodier outcome that affects both sides is even greater. There can be NO winners.

The savagery of the conflict is worse than the similar flair up a few years ago. It will therefore get even worse the next time. The accuracy of the missiles have shocked the Israelis this time, and whilst they have ‘iron dom’ and bomb shelters to minimize the effect the psychological damage is worse than Netanyahu cares to admit. In fact this time it is Israel that has clearly lost, as the Hamas faction do not want a ceasefire, and after the Isrealis agreed to the 12 hour cessation, Hamas carried on regardless with their barrage as they feel that they have NOTHING to lose in this conflict. Once you devastate a neighborhood to nothing, it really does not matter if you do the same to a few more, as you know you will breed an even more determined fighter to take the place of those who have died.

You cannot subdue the people of Palestine, until you have killed them all. If the Israelis are sure they want to do that, they will then have the 2M Israeli Arabs in Israel to worry about, and they are now a force to reckon with, as never before. They have realized the capability and the brutality of the state of Israel and their position within it. Israel is now precariously positioned like a caged rabid dog.

If you take Israelis, when you include the Hitlerist fascists within the country, some worse than Nazis in their hatred of the Palestinians, we are seeing atrocities worse than the Holocaust that make the latter seem like a party in comparison. The Israelis try as they might, have lost ALL sympathy in the world, if they had a little left. Even the US has begun to view their arrogance as contemptuous of sense.  

Lets face it, it is a cause and effect situation. At each step of the way, the next rebellion gets worse not better. There was NO excuse for Israel to go into sanctions lockdown Gaza, as the killing of the Isreali kids were in Jerusalem or West Bank. So the tunnel issue which was real, could have been tackled by a bloodless lifting of the blockade for UN sponsored destruction of missiles and tunnels. A thousand lives would have been saved. Now it is worse for the Israelis as they are in the back foot in the negotiations, and the Palestinians with the upper hand. Netanyahu definitely lost the plot and most of his countrymen have yet to understand that, including himself. In time he will be forced to capitulate!!

The Greater Shame is the Arab world’s position in this whole sordid episode. They seem to be completely out of touch. There has been hardly a word from the various Governments and it is only time that they will have to pay dearly for their silence.

Lets face it Egypt, is under a military rule. The Arab sultanates, of Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE, including Oman only have a short life ahead of them, as the increasingly educated populations will see the anomaly of their Government’s silence at the massacre of Palestinians as reflective of their short life span. They will be next in line, and are increasingly concerned. These are anachronisms, that survive only because of the chaos in Syria and Iraq, to which they will fall if they do not make drastic reforms immediately.

The huge population of unemployed youth in the Arab world will in time identify with the oppression of the Palestinians and the Arab spring would sound like a walk in the park compared to what is in store for them. The Arab world is a powder keg waiting to explode, and frankly the US will like that situation, as they are NO longer dependent on the Middle East for oil and they want the Arab World to destroy itself and Israel with it as that would only be inevitable.

In geopolitics, the USA will emerge triumphant in the ensuing new world order, where all the wealth of the Arabs invested in the West will allow them dominance of that too, when there is NO Arab world worth saving. Whilst this scenario is difficult to imagine it is only a matter of time when it will. The odds are heavily stacked in favor of that eventuality.

All this can be prevented if the Arab world decide to share power, give up their privileges, and retreat with their harem to their Chateaus in the South of France. Israel on the other hand will have to agree to a fully independent Palestine and to the pre 1967 borders, and they will have to pay that price for backing the hawkish Netanyahu who through his arrogance has basically given away what so many have fought so many wars for due to the inability to have a vision of the future.

Actually it will be Palestine, Syria, Iraq and perhaps Iran that will be the best off, as by that time they would have split into manageable factions and begun their rebuilding based on natural boundaries and not ones imposed on them. Jordan in the meantime will remain quiet not wishing to draw any more attention to it, with its majority Palestinian population and which will survive due to its primacy in assisting the new Palestine to grow from the ground up, as a free state with all the privileges that go with it. Israel’s capitulation will be imposed on them due to the isolation they will be forced to accept due to their earlier intransigence.                  




  3. Time for the world to guarantee freedom of movement for people and goods for the people of Gaza.only then will Hamas stop the missiles.

    Anything less and the existence of Israel will be in question, not of Gaza

  4. As for Hamas what they stand for other than the destruction of the state of israel is just as despicable. They are in short a terrorist organization just like the LTTE in short a bunch of criminals. However they are the only ones who have the balls to stand up to the Israelis just like the LTTE against the SL Govt

    Until the people of Gaza have an alternative who stand up for their rights and prevent Israeli oppression and blockade, they only have Hamas at present. It is important that the main Govt. in the West Bank now take their cause and fight for them and get their demands, otherwise there is no point blaming people for following this bunch of braggards, as they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and it is a bit rich for the Israelis to condemn people for backing Hamas, just as it was for the SL GOvt. to condemn people for backing the LTTE as they had no body else to turn to !!!

    Think about it sensibly before blaming Gazans for their plight, by backing Hamas, the only outfit who have the spine to fight Israel head on.

  5. Israel will capitulate to Hamas demands of opening up Gaza so the Israeli blockade ends and they will also free the prisoners they have taken. They have NO choice other than destroy Gaza until the last Gazan is killed, and that is NOT an option, so this is the only alternative.