Saturday, July 19, 2014

A missile manufactured in Russia, fired by Russian speaking Ukranian separatists – sound familiar!

Which hit (bulls eye) a Malaysian Airliner built in the US, carrying majority Dutch passengers, going to a conference in Australia, and bodies and debris scattered all over the fields of the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine.

What are the parallels with the SL conflict of years gone by? Would the LTTE have built up their courage were they not receiving assistance from South India? Whatever India’s stance is today, it was their support that directly lead to 30 years of suffering in SL. If we did not have this war we would be nearing US$25K GNP per capita and not a regime of petty Banana Republic dictators, but a well regarded democracy where the freedom of the Individual to act within the law is paramount.

It is time the world condemns that megalomaniacal dictator called Putin, put him in his place, as his supplying lethal weapons to half baked terrorists is NOT conducive to world stability. Regime change should remove Putin, that is where it is required most if we value world stability.

I am not implying that all problems will be solved as a result, but we can clearly see the Russian intention of causing problems all over the world that put the US to shame in their degree of brazenness and ease.

Can you believe Putin to be so idiotic to supply such a sophisticated weapon to the Ukrainians as in the end it is his plane that will be blown out of the sky by a weapon he is complicit in supplying. That simply is the way the world works and is your fate when you act so irresponsibly.

The Security Council unanimously (including Russia) approved a full investigation into the tragedy of the Plane that was blown out of the sky at 33,000 ft by this Buk missile supplied with Putin’s approval and knowledge.

However as of today, the Russian backed Ukrainian rebels have refused access to the investigation team to the site, afraid of what they might find. Remember if you have NO guilt, you will not be so foolish as to refuse an internationally sanctioned investigation.

So what next? Simply make Putin the pariah of the 2014 world and see how his level of insanity will get the better of him! I know it is fraught with danger, as there is no knowing what he will do, but it is worth taking the chance and have a back up in case he loses his mind.

It is time the world takes a common stand as there was unanimity in the UNSC and ensure these are NOT repeated.