Saturday, July 12, 2014

Major General Chandrasiri as Governor of the Northern Province again!

The President has re-appointed Maj Gen Chandrasiri to his post for another five years as his first five year term ends on 12th July 2014, in the Northern Province in the midst of the TNA requesting a civilian appointment. It must be noted that the Eastern Governor is also an ex Military man. Further he was the Military commander for about 5 years before that, during the time of hostilities.

Make no bones about it, if he completes this term, he will have been the defacto king of Jaffna for 15 years and that is more than many kings of Jaffna ever ruled, secure in the fact that he has been the most powerful King of Jaffna in the history of Jaffna. Ironically there is actually a pretender to the throne of Jaffna at present!

A Sinhala man will never understand that, but for the proud Jaffna Tamils, it is a huge swipe at their sense of entitlement. Most Jaffna Tamils now live in the Diaspora, and the rest in Colombo as millionaires and billionairs,  as now most people in Jaffna are settlers from Killinochchi District and therefore NOT Jaffna Tamils. This is reflected in the quality of the people and the youth who are more interested in alcohol than studies unlike the Jaffna Tamil of the first half of the 20th Century. Never mind the fact that the Sinhala people did not mind a Tamil King as we had for many years and the language spoken in Court was always Tamil. It shows to whom egos matter most.

Actually to a true follower of Buddhism, it does not matter a toss who rules you as long as your basic ability to live a meritorious life is not messed up with. That to an extent was why there was not so much in the way of insurgencies in the 500 years of foreign rule as in European, as opposed to Tamil Kings of yore, who were much more interested in warfare and conquering. Oh how we have distorted history now, to suit our personal agendas.

Actually I blame some of the intransigence of the TNA leaders on their arrogance and pride, and someone really needs to tell them off, in a nice way, so they understand their personal weaknesses and deal with their demons, so the Tamil people are NOT held hostage to their machinations, that don’t help them. It is not to say the Sinhala Thugs running the country are not without their insanity either!          

This amounts to the definite stamping of Presidential authority saying not to mess with me there, and no matter what others say or plead I will have him there as he is the best man that I know of to do that job. He has managed the security there well, and here have been very few. So long live Prince Chandrasiri, courtesy of the TNA  

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  1. Re-grouping those LTTE animals are difficult with him.
    So cry for innocent Tamils or weapon selling west? Dum foolish