Thursday, July 10, 2014

A parallel universe is funny – but when the messenger is a sycophant it turns deadly!

Malinda Seneviratne’s cynical view of the NGO wallahs and their world, where they earn a living playing to the tune of their donors who have an agenda is all very well, but let not the reader be stilled into a false sense of security by the deadly serious fundamentalist bent of the reader. Thank God, I struggle for a living unlike Malinda so I don’t have sponsors or the need for sycophancy to breathe life into!

As one set of people, with a chip on their shoulder when they study in the US, display in a virulent anti- American way like Malinda does, but it is selective. He has not yet uttered one word against the American citizen Ghotabhaya who has taken the oath of defending the Constitution of the United States of America, where he has NOT taken any oath to defend the Sri Lankan constitution, as he received that as a birth right!

In using selective amnesia in naming traitors to the cause, he fails to name and shame the biggest traitor that currently exerts the power in this our tiny isle.

Poking fun at the fact that whilst France has banned the wearing of a burqa as illegal, with little protest from Muslims or Muslim countries, his implication is that his BBS, if it suggested the same would cause uproar as a racist and fundamentalist outfit! His headline asking the IGP to resign was another part of the deception.

I don’t know why this journalist should take us Sri Lankans for fools, when he should concentrate in writing poems, as he has NO financial need for journalism, except to spew out his excrement of words to fool the masses. (contradicts)

It is his darling President who is at fault here, as he should ban the burqa here as he has a two thirds majority in parliament and has nothing to fear, but does not. He sees his gravy train as our slaves in the Middle East that keeps him and his cohort of 100+ ministers in clover, and does not wish to upset them. It has nothing to do with the BBS!  Whilst being able to loot the filling exchequer of earnings from our workers that make this country rich, he would sell our society, ruin our family values, without making the decisions that the burqa is an unnecessary extremist stance, we have done without all this time, so why allow it now. Islam has not changed surely! Let us just not get fooled by this kind of apostate, who changes his beliefs to suit his political masters, aka an opportunist.


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