Thursday, July 17, 2014

Government Thugs or Employees who get paid but don’t work! AT SAPUGASKANDA now!

Ten UNP MP’s are currently at the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery, part of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, on their fact finding mission of the unit. They are entitled BY LAW to obtain access and meet with senior staff and question them on the workings of the institution, and report their findings to Parliament, and hold a press conference if necessary.

A group of employees having got wind of this visit, have gathered outside and made it known that they WILL NOT permit these MPs to enter the institution. Are they working on the orders of the Govt. or on their own as it is now clear that since the shutdown of the Refinery owing to a whole host of reasons, they are now being paid handsomely for sitting at home and twiddling their thumbs. Further there is another set of Political Stooges beyond the control of management who are on the payroll, but who perform NO useful service at the refinery.  

It is important that the people of Sri Lanka understand that the Government of Sri Lanka is complicit in a huge racket where the people are paying a very high price for the inefficiencies and using people with personal agendas to prevent lawfully elected members of parliament from attempting to investigate violations of trust of the electors is reprehensible to say the least.

It is time WE TELL THE THUGS INCLUDING THOSE WHO ARE INSTIGATING THIS THUGGERY – THE GOVT. MINISTERS INVOLVED IN THIS MASSIVE FRAUD to be held accountable to the people who elect them and answer to them, why they have made unconscionable decisions on behalf of their Country.

The racket includes the import of refined petrol, when we could use the Refinery to do the work because, there is money in commissions in this import payable by the companies sending these refined petroleum products, direct to the offshore bank accounts of the officials doing the ordering and their masters who are members of parliament in Govt. and includes ministers and perhaps even a percentage to their patrons the Leaders themselves.

The local Magistrate has ordered that if the demonstrators prevent the MPs from entering that the POLICE ARREST THE DEMONSTRATORS.

The police in the vicinity have DONE NOTHING TO PREVENT THE DEMONSTRATORS STOPPING THE MPs GOING IN!! Is this the Rule of Law?        

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  1. Govt. organized the thugs to prevent the MPs visit. as they are frightened as to what they might find out inside, This is the sad state of Sri Lankan political chicanery, thuggery and current dictatorship