Sunday, July 27, 2014

It would have been nice if we could have improved BIA standards

before rushing into building an airport no one flies into and which will soon become out of date.

Mattala Airport was inaugurated with much fanfare, but anyone who knows about maintenance and white elephants knows that somethings that are NOT used at capacity become obsolete before their time, and it seems that Mattala already is showing signs of being relegated to a position of a maintenance nightmare, where toilets are clogging, and rust is setting in from lack of use!

There are costs of keeping new constructions empty too!!!

In any case the latest salvo to hit Sri Lanka in the form of its only active Airport being branded as one of the most inefficient in the world is a direct hit at the incompetence of the administration to run anything under their control.

It is time we hold the administration to account for their failures, because they continue to ad nauseam parrot their successes and people have tended to be de sensitized to believe anything thrown at them as they are incapable of being cynical to Govt. pronouncements.

It is clearly a very serious matter if we are classified such in the world rankings, as it is an airport which one can hardly call busy in terms of takeoff and landings. It is interesting that Atlanta’s Hartsfield one of the busiest airports in the world is ranked top, and has a plane landing taking off every 5 seconds! I wold like to see BIA top that! Not in anyone’s life time.

Actually I am being constructive, as I would prefer if the authorities take this not as an insult but look at why they believe they have been classified as inefficient and do what is necessary to improve upon that at the quickest opportunity.

The aim is to be able to impress passengers about how good BIA is so that the word of mouth from the flying public will spread so fast that it will benefit the tourist industry and Sri Lankan Airlines, where people will chose to fly Sri Lankan because the mother airport is efficient for flight changes and transit to other destinations.

One has so much to deal with it is good to prioritize and I believe the head of AAS that runs BIA is a family member of the ruling regime and I wonder whether that has a bearing on why the airport is down this low in ranking!    

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