Sunday, July 20, 2014

A wake up call to the world: “Arm terrorists at your peril!”

It is now quite clear that Putin supplied three sets of BUK missile launchers and the Russian Crew to man them and one missile hit a bulls eye and the MH17 story is now history.

The world in now engaged in making Putin look an almighty fool in the eyes of the Russians and as that is the only lesson he understands, so he stops aiding the separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine.

In the LTTE wars the amount they managed to raise from donations, trafficking in drugs and a whole host of illegal actiivty meant they were able to purchase lethal weapons on the open market through arms brokers and suppliers.

Until the SLA were able to purchase them from friendly govts. They were actually at a disadvantage, and only superiority in arms and ammunition, allowed the final win.

It is therefore now a very important issue, as with Iraq in turmoil and the new ISIS rebels taking over US supplied missiles, if they are used to down planes who is to blame? Well because they gave it to their ally Iraq, who were not able to protect them, and failed to prevent the rebels taking them over, or in the same veign with regard to sophisticated weapons given to the Afghan govt.

The moral of this story is that the proliferation of sophisticated weapons is going to jeapordize world safety, and it is in the long term INTEREST of the powers to immediately ascertain who has sophisticated weaponry, and determine the sanity of the Govt holding onto them, and demand they be destroyed!

If Sri Lanka has such, if the Govt. is assumed to be lead by a mental deviant, then it is fair game that they too are destroyed, then the question arises who is the mental deviants, what are sophisticated weapons, who enforces the destruction, and supervisers it, and most of all police this enforcement?

It is time the world gets to grip with answering this question, as in a Global world we are all at risk due to a crazy action of a few people, and we cannot stop crazy people, so all we can do is to remove lethal weapons from all who possess them, and even countries that are deemed democracies like Israel, who MUST destroy their nuclear arsenal, as that is a direct threat to Global peace, as they will NOT hesitate to use it if they are finally cornered to give up their rights to a State! The only reason the State of Israel exists is because it has the power to exist, not because it has the right to exist in its present form.  

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