Friday, July 18, 2014

The Verdict!

20 Years RI for killing and raping the deceased fiancé. That was the least we could expect.

A politician kills, all the evidence is in and it is clear what happened and who did it. The actual court proceedings were extensively covered, both here and available for anyone who wants it overseas.

Sadly there had to be foreign intervention at the highest levels, and even Prince Charles intervening to speed the course of justice, and have the trial scheduled and commenced in Colombo. Why can’t we manage our own affairs? Is our justice system so corrupt, that even our citizens are not able to obtain justice?

It is unbelievable that the murderer has supporters ready to file into court bussed in from Tangalle courtecy of the patrons who are obviously footing the bill. Why is this so? To help a friend! Is this what loyalty is? I am lost.

The murderer happens to be the Chairman of the Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha who acted with impunity and lead his band of brigands on a drunken orgy of rape and murder at the hotel these trourists were staying at in the Tangalle area, where the home of the President of Sri Lanka is also situated.

The latter fact is what makes for an even more problematic case, as the accused is a close confidant of most of the members of the ruling family, who must have made some kind of promise on what would be forthcoming in their friend’s case.

Taking these facts into account and the international repurcussions of a not guilty verdict, when it is an open and shut case, which was not held under closed doors, we expect the judge to give a fair verdict, which in this instance is not going to be in favor of the accused.

The morning’s newspapers report that the both the British High Commissioner and the Russian Ambassador will attend, underlining the importance this verdict will have internationally. The girl friend of the decesased who herself had to give a harrowing account of the incident where she was gang raped will also be present along with the brother of the deceseased.  

Can we expect the sentence to be carried out as directed by the judge or by someone who is above the judge? Let us hope that justice is not just done, but deemed to be executed in a fair manner, as the sentence was the least he could expect for manslaughter as it was not premeditated.               

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