Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hamas Won – 1000 lives are not too high a price to pay for that, and even the Gazans agree.

Dont you get it - that is why the SL Govt. is still fighting because they lost the PR battle - that is why it is called a David / Goliath conflict

You may ask how can Hamas have won, in light of the Israeli onslaught? Well it is simple, because the Hamas objective and Israeli objectives were different. Hamas appear to have achieved their objective.

What was Hamas game plan? Simply to open Gaza for business and free movement of goods and people. Remember that the Israelis moved out of Gaza (the West Bank is still occupied by the Israelis – imagine living with an occupying force!) for whatever strategic reason of theirs but they continued the blockade of Gaza.

Hamas had to resort to tunnels not just to get arms into Gaza, but even much needed food and medicine that the Israelis were loath to permit access to! It is this blockade that they wanted the world to realize that they could no longer live under. It was stifling the lives of people there caged like animals unable to get out. So they were willing to be killed in masses as the Israelis, whatever protestations they make about targeted strikes, it is innocents who are targeted in any targeted strike in a heavily built up area.

Raining rockets into Israel is the only the thing Hamas has learned that the Israelis will pay attention to. If enough rockets rain in on them, however harmless they are, it still destabilizes the mind and people are frightened that their strategic defense Iron Dome may let one or two pass! So Hamas scored a massive victory when the US FAA made a decision to stop all flights into or out of the Ben Gurion International Airport, except for El Al the Israeli National Carrier that continues to run at their own risk, despite the warnings.

It was a victory so much so that Netanyahu called Obama to lift the advisory, which he really is not in a situation to do, and further, it provoked, Bloomburg the billionaire Zionist who was the Mayor of New York to fly to Israel in solidarity to tell the world that is was not necessary. To Israelis, the fact that the International Airlines have refused to fly into Tel Aviv is a huge psychological blow, handing Hamas a direct hit or victory in a battle at least.

Hamas ceasefire terms are simple, LIFT THE BLOCKADE OF GAZA and NO ONE can argue with that as a goal for not sending rockets into Gaza. It is time the Israelis realize that their bullying tactics will earn no friends and their heavy handed approach has outlived human disgust. Hamas have won the PR war, as no one can justify the mighty crushing the weak, however provocative the weak are. 

I trust we in Sri Lanka can learn from this and stop playing politics with people's lives as it is everyone's right to live in dignity and the more we behave like Israel we are only  our worst enemy. Unlike them we don't have the US to turn to, we have NO ONE! 

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