Monday, June 2, 2014

Janadipathi thuma illang kawa! He asked for it, didn’t he?

He got it and he is paying the price.

In the interests of the long term stability and improvement in the quality of life of Sri Lankans, whenever ANYONE jeopardizes that, I believe it is my right to give my two cents, as I do not have an ulterior motive to put anyone in their place for breaking the public trust.

I believe we have elected our leaders to safeguard the security of the Country as well as to set sound policy directions to ensure a long term growth and improved quality of life in a lasting and environmentally satisfying way. In that sense all our dealing with India especially MUST be thought out more carefully than with any other Country that we have dealings with.

Not just because of the neighborliness, or the Tamil issue, it is because we must have a clear strategy with regards to the various interactions we have in many many fields and in that sense having the BEST of relations with our potentially biggest market, is in the long term interest of Sri Lanka.

When you have small minds, like Udaya Gamanpila or Wimal Weerawansa trying to dictate the course of foreign policy by making political statements to the local gallery, and pontificating about India, it must be shown in our local press, as if some imbecilic mushrooms have spoken out of turn, only to be suppressed instantly and disappear, so that our neighbor does NOT take them seriously.

It is in this light that we must try and analyze the knee jerk pronouncements of our President which in just one day of Prime Minister Modi’s taking his oath of office proved disastrous and put the country on the defensive.

It is all very well to congratulate an incoming elected leader without hesitation, especially in a Country where democracy appeared to have worked better than any recent election in modern Sri Lanka. To ask for an immediate meeting is just stupid as it puts pressure on a new leader who would likely wish to tackle domestic policy, now being challenged to turn his attention to tiny Sri Lanka, hardly the biggest of his numerous problems to deal with.

So he took the challenge in a way that has stunned Mahinda Rajapakse. When there are two leaders with similar disposition that is what normally happens, and in this case happened with a vengeance against MR. He has not recovered from the shock and the Foreign Service is reeling from the after effects in their closed doors.

Modi came to the brief meeting with MR very well prepared, and with Sujatha Singh the outgoing Govt. foreign secretary, for continuity of the Foreign Service, he was well briefed. So when MR said that 13A needed time, Modi promptly said that it was what he had said 5 years ago, and there has NOT been one iota of progress, so that was just a delaying tactic. MR ta kata uththara na! He could only play with his balls, hoping for some heavenly guidance that was NOT forthcoming.

It now proves that the balls he has on his hands for good luck should be discarded as it is obviously a bad luck charm to him from now on.

So MODI demands 13A plus! Even I disagree with the 13th and my plan was to quietly improve the local scene, so that we can actually discard provincial councils. Now because of MRs stupidity we will have more years of bad systems, due to the inability to solve the ethnic issue earlier, and worse be forced to adopt an unpalatable choice. This after eliminating Prabarkaran! NO way it is a worse situation to be in.

If that was not bad enough, another horrendously polluting business, namely the highly dubious and highly polluting Sampur has also been spurred, forcing MR to find out what was going on and why the delays? We don’t need any more highly polluting coal power stations anymore, especially as we MUST turn immediately towards a greener country, as the principal sales pitch for tourism and the desire for foreign investment and investors to live and work here in this beautiful isle being green and not black with soot. This MUST be scrapped, but now Modi will pressure SL to start work on in ASAP as something that has more benefits to India and their influence over us, than any real benefit for SL.

The third issue was that of the Indian Fishermen fishing in SL territorial waters, and worse using bottom fishing trawlers, that will decimate our fish supplies in the not too distant future. We have not had the back bone even to solve that problem to the benefit of Sri Lanka. You can now imagine that whatever compromise is reached it will be to India's benefit.

MR has been an utter failure on ALL these matters and Modi the simple runaway winner in this. What should we refer to a person who has so disastrously lost the plot? A traitor no less.

I am sure if he had kept quiet he could have won at least an 8 month reprieve before Modi had time to tackle the SL issue. Now there is NO time to think, and we don’t have a competent diplomatic service who can match the Indians in this game, so we are bound to be the loser, and this from DAY ONE of the Modi premiership. Shame on you Mahinda Rajapakse, your legacy as that of a traitor now guaranteed, as there is NO more proof needed.                  

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