Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time for imbecilic politics to stop and along with the imbeciles removed from positions of pontification.

Since the beginning of the MR administration in 2005, subject to the successful conclusion of the hostilities, where one set of citizens of Sri Lanka massacred other citizens of Sri Lanka (on both sides) and many innocents on both sides suffered untold atrocities as casualties of the Civil War, (collateral damage) the peace has taken a direction of WAR, with everything but the use of firearms!

It is time this stops, and the people perpetuating the current status quo shown the door, and not be accommodated. Prime amongst them is the JHU, a party with no following nationally but which makes a noise, far in excess of its following, due to its successful manipulation of public opinion by the use of cunning, especially in cultivating the media to their advantage. The media similarly has given Wimal Weerawansa a similar level of unearned publicity, and I am afraid the President has also contributed to this state of affairs by tolerating his nonsense and NOT muzzling his propensity to exercise his vocal chords to rouse the rabble, instead of applying reason to the arguments. This is a product of his JVP upbringing, which he has continued to put to use within the UPFA, to the detriment of the Country.

Udaya Gamanpila has used his intellectual prowess to befuddle the public, and spewing racist dimensions, cleverly enunciated, has polarized moderates on both sides who are now seeking solutions in extremes, at the expense of the moderate majority, that has NO spokesman and who are NOT represented fairly in the political arguments, for fear of being accused of being in bed with extremism of the kind that is opposite to the argument that the JHU make.

An electorate NOT taught to use logic to solve the national problem instead use misplaced passion, and then by the use of the ballot box confound reason by voting in con artists. I point particularly to the way in which Gammanpila misused the trust placed on him, by pretending to run a clean campaign, where as it was probably the least clean of all, misusing Buddhist precepts as part of the cunning. He has yet to submit accounts as promised to show that he was just supported by Rs 100 contributors to run his Rs100M plus campaign, where half the population would have had to have contributed if that was the case.

It is this simple argument that contributes to the imbecilic politics that I refer to, as the poor, unsuspecting elector is presented with an argument that is diametrically opposed to the reality, which traps him hook line and sinker. We just need to remove this excreta if we are ever to return to an era of normalcy.           

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