Monday, June 16, 2014

In a highly militarized Police State everything is orchestrated by the GOSL – the latest communal incidents! Instigated and ‘inflamed’ by them no less!

We Sri Lankans need our heads examined if we cannot see what is in front of our noses! Put simply nothing happens without the knowledge of the GOSL and they are part and parcel of everything that happens on this island. When you have NO application of the traditional Rule of Law and Order (there is NO law and order today) GOSL MUST take the blame for all that happens on their watch GOOD AND BAD.

So it is with this basic premise that yesterday’s and the weekend’s religious skirmishes in Dharga Town, all boil down to instigation, fuelling and lighting by the GOSL and NO ONE ELSE.

Remember folks that the ALL POWERFUL SECRETARY OF DEFENCE can make or break any security situation, as he has ALL the powers he needs, as it is effectively believed that they come from the President himself, even if it does not.

That  means we have the guilty happily smiling away at all problems pretending to the world outside that it is someone else’s when all the time it is he who merely controls the level of violence, and who is affected, how it is stage managed, and when it stops. We are idiots if we don’t realize that.

When you have a police force whose main task is to fine innocent citizens where ever they can find them crossing a single line on a road, to fill the Govt. coffers, ask any OIC if I am wrong, as they have targets on how much money to collect, NOT on how peaceful their area is, you accept a situation, where the police just watch a situation get out of control, so the powers, that dictate to them, can take and get maximum political mileage.

The only reason people vote for this Govt. is because of their constant diatribes on how they save this country from being broken up. So stoking religious tension is another attempt at the same plan, so people mistakenly believe it is only this Govt. that can continue to hold it together in the midst of religious tension, which unremarkably is only created by them. Only when the voting public realize the con, will the game end. This behavior is just to keep this con alive.

It is time we who love this country throw the rascals out, and try them for treason, as it is them and NO ONE else who is the cause. IGP just tell your masters you are not going to take orders, and will only do your duty that you have taken an oath on, to safeguard your Country, not your boss. Only then will matters change.            

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