Monday, June 9, 2014

In an era where name recognition is most important for politicians – we find that Hemal Gunesekera (a hitherto unknown deputy minister) uses crime to get ahead!

Or become known as Hemal ta Nathimal!

Politics have reached a new low a nadir of sorts when an unknown politician who was so affected by the fact that no one has heard of him, resorts to a technique that ensures notoriety. This reminds us of how Royce Fernando gained notoriety in the last Western Provincial campaign by being arrested for a crime and remanded in jail, where he still is, before his case is heard or bail given prior to it.

SO when this Hemal was stopped at the Kottawa Exit and his driver given a speeding fine, scolding the cop in filth, threatening him and then carrying out the threats by setting fire to his vehicle a few days later and destroying it, the name of deputy has now come out to the open and a debate rages in the press about it.

Who cares if the reports are unflattering, as it improves his chances of election, being known as someone who can draw on thugs to protect him, and therefore also other law breaker friends if he is elected. In a culture that Sri Lanka has turned to in this Rajapakse era, where might is right and notoriety is majority, there are no checks to stop such bullies in their tracks.

There has NOT BEEN ONE report of any UPFA castigating him for this behavior? Why? Are all UPFAs just as guilty as NONE dare raise it? Then it is time, the opposition just inform the public of the state of affairs and ask them to just think before perpetuating this culture, as it is the public finally who will have to pay the price of this behavior and attitude.

As if to emphasize the absurdity of the action, the Deputy Minister Hemal, suggested that the police officer invented this, so that he could claim asylum in a Foreign Land. Why would he want to do that, if he was of unblemished character all this time? Those who attempt to leave are the devious ones, such as drug dealers, when the law is getting too close to them, or have fallen out of favor of the main sponsors of his trade, the ruling party politicians.

I see in today’s daily papers that the President has asked the IGP on the status of the investigation. Has the Police officer been threatened by the top brass to save the bacon of the Deputy Minister? Where is the Secretary of the Law and Order minister in all this, after all it is through him that the President should investigate the status.     

It is time that the people realize that the Police force has been compromised badly, and the lower ranks have NO faith in their leaders, and have NO option but to cow down to lawless ness of their political henchman if they want to keep their jobs, and the public suffer the consequences of this lawless ness!

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