Thursday, June 19, 2014

The time has come for a strong National Movement to oust Rajapaksa terrorism

Despite the hallucinations that most of the sycophants in the Regime may display, by pretending to be patriotic and nationalistic, they have been very craftily cultivated by the Rajapaksa brand of careful obfuscation, to befuddle clarity in thought. The latest being the cunning ricochet of “the UNHRC team to SL issue” to Parliament, so the parties voting against the GOSL are seen as being anti national if the UNHRC presence is welcome! A clearly erroneous presumption.

For a Govt. which effectively forced the UNHRC vote by pure intransigence, because it realized that it would be MORE politically acceptable, to continue to play that game, and repeat the formula in putting to Parliament, whether the investigating team should be allowed in or not is plain mischievous and deceptive.

I have always maintained that the perfidy of the GOSL has been a hallmark of this administration, and the fact that the Intelligentsia have embraced it hook line and sinker is what is most alarming, as it goes to the core of the lack of concern of these supposed thinkers for the welfare and rights of the majority of peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka. (Its OK if the masses have been fooled as that is not that much of a hard task, until we are able to improve the level of education)  

I don’t understand why I have to repeat myself ad nauseam to the reader that, once the hostilities were over, a magnanimous peace would have set in, with a level of rights for all the people in Sri Lanka, irrespective of race, that unified this Country in one swoop, that could have removed the 13th Amendment(disbanded Provincial Councils), while at the same time retaining the 17th that would have ensured the checks and balances in Rule, and we would not have had the need for periodic elections, and instead used all the resources, private and public to develop our Country, without foreign interference, and with NO Diaspora threat or pressure.

This result would have shown how bankrupt the GOSL was, and they, due to the lack of developmental policies that would trickle down to the poor, would have now been history, and be replaced by the rule of law and real security. We would not have crime escalation, bribery, drug abuse, unauthorized firearm proliferation, environmental and related wasteland it has now created, and the militarization of the Country. I could add areas like the destruction of the education system and health for good measure, but I would like the reader to really consider the “What might have been scenario”, which I would rather we were now living in.

We have actually lost 5 years but we can claw back some if we first remove GOSL         

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  1. Too right. Put simply the GOSL has replaced the LTTE as the worst terrorist outfit, even putting the LTTE to shame in some of its intrigues and duplicity.

    When will the average Joe realize the scam? Only then will peace and prosperity prevail.