Sunday, June 22, 2014

Champikas fornicate whilst ‘here and there’ is burning – Stop it!

The behavior of the two Champikas acting in concert is just beyond the pale at a moment like this when they should at least be seen to be above the fray. Champika Liyanarachchi who is the Editor of the Daily Mirror and Champika Ranawaka who is the cabinet minister for information technology are misusing their respective bully pull pits to carry on their personal relationship, when that should be left out of the affairs of state.

Egged on and as a result of complains by Champika Ranawaka, she pontificated in her editorial about the irresponsible reporting on social media, as it related to the recent incidents. The implication was that the BBS were being unfairly signaled out and finger pointed as being the culprits behind the recent attacks by extreme elements (fundamentalists) in the Muslim community. Well her editorial was completely out of order and reflected a lack of independence on her part and was a regurgitation of pillow talk, to enhance the power of a powerless and impotent minister of Govt. who thanks to Champika gets an unusual and unwarranted amount of exposure.

If that was not enough, and coming out of the self imposed black out of news of the Aluthgama and Beruwela incidents, yesterday’s Daily Mirror decided on publishing photos of Sinhala Shops that had been attacked and damaged, so as to give credence to her complaint about the social media being one sided and grossly incendiary. Get a life, showing just Sinhala shops damaged is incendiary and grossly biased, as the majority of damage was suffered by the Muslim community, and so at least damage in equal proportion should have been shown so that some fairness in suffering would be reported.

I cannot understand how such a good Editor would have a death wish to get into bed with a dangerous charlatan in the guise of Champika Ranawaka as his personal history is not a secret, one just has to access police records about his personal conduct. However there are somethings reason cannot explain, and I hope after this exposure she would sever her connections with this clearly disturbed individual, and resume her work of upright journalism. If however she cannot see through this scam she is a victim of, it would be better for her to quietly relinquish the position of integrity she is duty bound to uphold in her current position.      

PS there is no indication to denote that their relationship is anything but platonic! So let the reader not misunderstand what is being implied here. Only editorial independence being compromised here.  

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