Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The US in a quandary! The overall responsibility for the state of affairs in SL and the directed violence against Muslims are directed by a US Citizen.

The US Govt. is currently contemplating stripping the Sri Lankan Defense Secretary of the US citizenship he has obtained, and for which he has taken an oath to safeguard the US Constitution et al… and who is therefore doing their bidding. Once this article is read, the reason for stripping him of his citizenship becomes moot, as he is actually helping in the greater US control of the situation. So the information is possibly to mislead the readers and pundits into a false sense of security.

The US is in a fix as it is very likely that international pressure will be brought on the US by anti US elements in blaming the US for the anti Muslim riots in SL. I even read that the Israeli intelligence has also assisted the SL authorities in going against the Muslims. “So it is the Jews who are directing this violence remotely.”

Whatever started it, as I mentioned earlier, it is completely in the power of the Security forces to escalate or reduce the potential for conflagration. It is very clear that the security forces were derelict in their duty of NOT protecting Muslim people and their property, and permitted Sinhala mobs to attack. Is this all part of a master plan and pincer movement, with tacit approval of the Indian Govt. and the US Govt. to remove the Islam fundamentalists in Sri Lanka? It is considered by the new Indian Govt. that their intelligence operatives have been given clear orders to isolate ALL Muslim fundamentalism in Sri Lanka, and deal with the threat here.

It is clear that even if that was true, the way they have gone about it so far in the Aluthgama area, has NOT been to target extremism, but merely destroy the Muslim economic interests first. Extremists and their madrasssas may be next, as this incident will bring out the Muslim Fundamentalists who are currently underground, onto the surface when they see their brother Muslims being targeted.

Once flushed out, they will be shown NO mercy and eliminated and it is this game of cat and mouse that is most dangerous, as we don’t know what will be left in its wake. The problem is that only a very small minority within the Muslim community support them, but they have exerted a lot of pressure on moderates, to undertake lifestyle changes in keeping with the Wahabbism of Saudi Arabia, which is covertly financing this movement much to the chagrin of their friends the USA.

In this game of geopolitics, Sri Lanka is being used as a pawn, and deliberate platform given the BBS is all part of the greater game plan. I suspect the orchestra is being conducted outside of Sri Lanka, and the poor easily led Sri Lankans are lead to believe that it is the GOSL who are actually protecting them, when in fact they don’t mind violence to achieve their greater objectives. So it is time that we understood the real stakes, and allow the moderate majority to take leadership of the situation before it gets too late, and stop this from escalating any further.                  

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  1. What's new! Where ever there is trouble, the US is behind it. This time their stooge Gota is carrying out their specific orders and the foolish idiotic Sinhala Buddhists think it their call.

    Sri Lankans wake up and get rid of this puppet regime with traitors leading it and running the show.