Friday, May 30, 2014

Ranjith Madduma Bandara of Moneragala commemorates 25 years as an MP

In today’s Lankadeepa, Imtiaz Bakeer Macar a friend of his and a vehement opponent of the current leadership of the UNP, venerates his friend RMB. We are always in the habit of saying good things about people, and so those with flaws just exaggerate their flaws until they come crashing down in a huge glare of publicity, when their true colors finally cannot be hidden from friend and foe alike!

So it is in this vein that I wish RMB realizes that he is the single biggest reason for the disastrous performance of the UNP in Moneragala, as he is the District Leader purely out of seniority and nothing less as he is thoroughly incompetent. His deceitful tippexing of Janaka Tissakuttiarachchi, at the last general election for nomination, meant that the more popular man from Moneragala, was not elected to parliament, even though he may not be originally from there, as most politicians are from places other than their home villages. Actually RMB is only in parliament because he prevented a more competent rival from getting in. He is therefore purely and simply a fraud. So Imtiaze’s veneration is just condescension.

This fraud has been perpetuated due to the different camps and ideologies of people who don’t like a new set of people coming in, saying they are from elsewhere! After all looking at the DNA of RMB, he is also NOT from Moneragala if one goes back, far enough. So it is a bit rich for one to claim heritage of a place and prevent others, when it is all a matter of a few years here and there that one came there!!

The worst part is of RMB holding on to dear life and doing nothing, whilst preventing new and youthful usurpers to take over and take the party and the country in an upward direction. He must understand that he will not be elected to parliament except in a landslide for the UNP, and therefore he is now damaged goods, with little political legacy left, even worse he is NOT attractive to new electors of the district as he is perceived as having some of the old world mentality and ownership that does not apply in Moneragala anymore. In short spent goods!

It is time therefore to develop a new level of leadership for the district with dynamic politicians of whom there are many around, who have been stifled by his behavior and frankly a mentally retarded attitude to rivals.

Now’s the time for magnanimity. UNP can win UVA. You can play a part or be MR’s man by spoiling. It’s your choice to make, but the Country’s to suffer your selfishness. So at least now rise to the podium tomorrow at Moneragala not kill it when friend and foe alike come to the Thalatha Atukorala organized event at the Auditorium of the Moneragala Public Library where RMBs 25 yrs is celebrated. 

you can make all your foes there your friends or actually make all your remaining friends your foes. The choice is yours to make!! Do what is right for the country!        


  1. What? modern day descendants of udarata uprising will vote for Ranil and co?

  2. Unbiased and independent writer eh? Looks to me like tissakutti paid you to write this.
    RMB has done so much for monaragala. And armchair cirques who write bullshit based on limited bias evidence are a joke.

  3. Get your fucking facts right idiot, oh and have te balls not to conceal your identity.