Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waste Waste Waste! – now synonymous with Sri Lanka. Will it end?

The latest version of the mega waste is when the President just hijacked a Sri Lankan Airlines plane to go to the Maldives. It just sits on the tarmac whilst the fully paid crew idle on in some atoll, paid by the State, while the tour ends. Have Sri Lankans got so used to it that they don't even raise a wimper?

He then takes the same plane and flies off to Seychelles and repeats the same wasteful extravagance again, along with a cohort of sycophants.

Is it right for the President of Sri Lanka to engage in this ridiculous waste that amounts at this event to about Rs 100M, when all the costs and opportunity costs of the plane and staff are taken into consideration.

Remember Sri Lankan Airlines flies to the Maldives almost daily and Mihin Air flies to the Seychelles, so he could have taken a regular flight on a SRI LANKA airline and not even a foreign operator.

Does it not dawn on our reasonable people at least to comment on this excess, or has our silence on this matter been bought? It really is damning that such excesses are even permitted without a question by anyone, so that the people are unable to gauge to what degree they are being cheated. After all it is a whole months taxes on the tinned fish that the President is using on this junket, when he could have spent a few hundred thousand if he flew regular flights.

Remember Sri Lankans the extra Rs100 each of you spends on your tinned fish is going on this extravagance.

This is NOT isolated expense. It runs into billions a year. NO leader of Sri Lanka in its history, and I doubt any patriotic leader in its future would waste this kind of colossal sum on themselves and their shows.

It is time to kill the canard that he is patriotic. In fact he is a traitor to his country and it is time the people of Sri Lanka say enough is enough. All these international enquiries and charges all amount to a hill of beans when he is guilty of wasting taxpayer funds on a daily basis.

Time to wake up to this onslaught against the public purse and take action to prevent further abuse of the Country’s wealth.   

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