Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Does Sri Lanka really need an army when we only have one neighbor we can never defeat?

Seriously fellow countrymen, just imagine our Country without an Army, how peaceful this Country would be! Why do we need an Army? An army is only required when a country has to defend itself from Hostile enemies. Sri Lanka has ONLY one neighbor, and that is clearly across the Palk Strait with clearly defined boundaries. Furthermore due to the size of the neighbor and its Military Capabilities, it just does not make sense for Sri Lanka to even have to think of having to defend itself from them.

In our History after Independence our Army has only fought our own people, they can killed only Sri Lankan citizens, hardly a reason to have an army to keep internal peace. It was only due to LTTE wanting to kill the forces that created a war, so if we did nto have an army we could have solved our ethnic differences more amicably without the threat of an armed force facing the Tamil community, and thus the need to defend themselves.

When you have an army arrayed against a bunch of troublemakers, they obviously become guerillas and terrorists in order to fight a traditionally more powerful enemy, this itself forces the creation of a sufficiently large terrorist force to be able to give the army a fight. Battle begets battle and then it is all out war, as we have seen both with the LTTE terrorism and the JVP uprisings.

Without an army our politicians would have used compromise, conciliation and arbitration to solve our many internal conflicts, and we would have been a safer, calmer and peaceful nation in keeping with the Buddhist principles.

I contend therefore that the expected fundamentalist and jihadists into Sri Lanka due to the MR Govt’s short sighted and racist agenda, will be emboldened by this need to fight this enemy. Any further acts of provocation by the MR Govt. would only exacerbate this already tense situation, and we must only damn this administration for putting the security of this country at risk, by their actions.

A state without an army could have provided speedy development and an educated labor force that competes with all comers, and through this peace and prosperity would have resulted. We have only this Govt. to blame for the current impasse. 

It is time for our Forces to seriously consider dismantling themselves in the greater interests of the motherland, without continuously believing in their necessity. A sea change in attitude is required, but I somehow doubt that coming from this brutal and blood stained Govt. that never wants to put the past to bed, due to the blood-lust for a future of conflict, as only through fear and war imagery can they survive and enrich themselves.                                          

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