Wednesday, June 18, 2014

“Human beings considered impartial take sides when their religion is under attack no matter how pacifist they are”

We all become fundamentalists at a moment’s notice

If the above statements are NOT true, then how does one explain the recent incidents, and in order to understand our attitudes and behavior as well as reaction, we must understand that the above two statements are true no matter what we think of ourselves. We are NOT born bigots, but we evolve into bigotry, and must understand that ourselves if we are to remove ourselves from that, in being able to make decisions in the overall interest of the greater community that we live in.

For a very insignificant traffic accident to escalate into a religion based conflict, it is our base instincts that have taken the better of us. When we have organizations that manipulate human weakness for their own ends, the pawns in this, the uneducated rabble, the twigs or fuel that stoke the fire are the result and they will do anything that takes their fancy at that moment. There is NO time for rational thought in these situations, and often death and mayhem are the result.

In order to prevent further escalation of these undercurrents we must remove the stokers of the flames. No the rabble who are there all the time, until society educates them to a level, where they don’t get sucked into believing lies or be easily influenced by these treacherous stokers.

When Sri Lanka’s stoker in chief is sitting in Bolivia receiving Peace Awards, the irony is not lost on the rest of us. It is only by stoking flames that certain people with no legitimacy in morality or patriotism, survive in society to carry out their personal agendas. It is tragic that many leaders of Sri Lanka have used this simple formula to get into power, prevail for years, and then when their survival is in doubt resort to the tried and tested formula for survival.

It is for us to understand that simple fact, and take steps to protect our country from such extremist forces, and call a traitor a traitor to their face. It will take calling them 1000 times before they understand that it is them that are tagged such, as these people are thick skinned, incapable of human feeling and sense of responsibility to their fellow man. The outward show is just for public consumption and to fool their target audience.

All religions MUST be personal and not STATE, so no one can IMPOSE their beliefs on others. Let us all get together to identify the stokers and run them out of town, and then teach our people restraint and common sense in the greater interests of mother Lanka.                   

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  1. It is time we sincerely evaluate and gauge the pulse of the people first. Then we take concrete steps to negate the prejudice that is inherently cultivated due to the bigotry that you mentioned.

    Only when we can do this, will we be able to neutralize potential threats effectively. So let us begin this immediately, and begin dialog with all parties on a permanent level to diffuse tensions as and when they arise.

    This is an intelligent way to sort this problem. Of course we have to eliminate the main cause of religious and racial tension in Sri Lanka, that is the GOSL as we know it today, so I guess before anything can begin it is time to remove and incarcerate the the leaders of this destruction forthwith.