Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who are the Clowns trying to fool?

In the latest twist in the misinformation saga is the evidence that the Minister of Jusice, a Senior Cabinet member of the Mahinda Rajapakse Government says that the Judicial Medical Officer whose job it is to write a proper medical report on the cause of death, has issued a report at variance with the facts in the deaths of two Muslim men in the Welipenna area.

In this instance it the Govt. which says that the evidence presented by them is fabricated! What a joke? Permitting such clowns to make light of deaths under suspicious circumstances, especially when the armed security forces are the most likely perpetrators of the killings, is a serious matter and goes to the heart of the credibility of the Govt.

The fact that NO one in Govt. cares if their credibility is compromised goes further to inform the Public at large that they are just not able to challenge the Govt. which acts and behaves as it is all powerful, with the general public the guinea pigs made to suffer under their dictats be they right or wrong.

It was ironic that I reported yesterday that I do not see the need for an army in Sri Lanka as they have nothing to defend. I was proved correct in this report, as it is the Army that is the cause of the problems in the first place. Trigger happy soldiers would be a thing of the past when you disband the army! Here they are given orders from armchair high-ups who don’t care or give a rat’s ass as to what someone may have to say about their behavior. This acting with impunity is one of the consequences of the public apathy, permitting those with the hand on the trigger to behave irresponsibly.

We must inform our people, that those whom we have entrusted our security have in fact abused that responsibility to an extreme that they have become the perpetrators of the crimes in our society today. It therefore begs the question, if we would be better off without anyone in such positions, as that will be a more acceptable compromise, to ensure the safety and security of our countrymen. Furthermore it is they who spread the false information that the public believe.  

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