Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nothing done so far has shown that the GOSL is serious about prevention of further violence against minority communities.

Understand first and foremost that a minority community of any sort will NOT try to take on the majority community especially when they are NOT in a predominantly omnipresent area, and therefore any insinuation to the contrary is mischievous amongst the many writers on this subject lately. Any incident that takes place is therefore isolated and not part of a campaign of the minority to show their strength. It is in this context that the majority community MUST show restraint and isolate their objection to the incident in question and apply the full force of the law to that if there has been a breach of the law of the land.

In Sri Lanka there is open season with either active or passive participation of the Govt. in permitting vicious groups claiming to defend the rights of the Sinhala Buddhist people in attacking all those who are not in the same mold, either by race or religion. In their incitement to hate, they have NOT been arrested or charged, and no matter what pretence the Govt. makes to the contrary there have been NO ARRESTS and prosecutions and sentences on people so accused in this regard.

It is clear from this stance, that the GOSL condones violence and law breaking from one set of people, whilst taking a very tough approach when minority communities react against this treatment by retaliation. This unequal application of the law is regrettable, but as the GOSL is now obviously party to this action, has decided to take a position that is racist and non nationalist.

They have broken all norms of protection of all under the constitution and is ACTIVELY engaged in encouraging sectarianism, whilst pretending otherwise.

This duplicitous approach is apparent to all fair minded Sri Lankans, and not to those who are of one side and unable to appreciate what it is to be a minority who is singled out for attacks as they do NOT belong to the beliefs and practices of the majority community.

Why does the Govt. therefore pretend to be impartial to all communities when they are obviously only taking one side? This is wrong unconstitutional and illegal, as they are acting against the Constitution of Sri Lanka. The problem is that those who have failed to obtain redress due to the partiality of the Courts do not see a way out of the impasse and the illegal action of the GOSL as they hold all the power in Sri Lanka today, though their legitimacy is somehow called into question.

It is time the principle opposition call a spade a spade and explain exactly what is happening, and make the people take whatever position they wish on it. We can then determine clearly which side the GOSL is on and which side the principle opposition sits on.

So people you make your call in how you want Sri Lanka governed. Once you decide you must accept whatever that results from it, as it could be good or bad!                         

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