Monday, June 23, 2014

Sinhala people – do you really think that the GOSL is protecting you?

Where is the statesmanship? That is because we have NO statesman in Sri Lanka today. 

The BBS rally should have been stopped, there was enough notice and reasoned appeals that were NOT heeded. The GOSL has NOT accepted responsibility for the consequences, when the blame is SOLELY theirs. This is NOT something anyone with a pea brain or more is arguing about.

The BBS now being gleeful, and NOT being stopped, and now even more gleeful, at not being BANNED is on a roll, further arousing racist feelings amongst the Sinhala Community which will come to haunt them and the Sinhala people, who have had to suffer 30 years of war due to similar miscalculations amongst our leaders. This is Mahinda Rajapakse’s call and his alone, as he is a dictator, and he MUST take responsibility for the outcome.

We cannot allow our country to be destroyed due to the arrogance of a person who is blind, and out of touch with what is happening right under his nose. Surely he is NOT a hostage of his own brother Gota and his army?

It is time that we divorced ourselves from Religion, as the Buddhist Clergy is NOT going to defend the nation, as their self interest has made them myopic and unable to realistically understand their destructive power. You have just let your Buddhist following down. You have effectively compromised their future, and their very existence. You have basically cut the heart of those who are your core constituency in the mistake belief of helping them. Have you NOT learned anything from the LTTE wars. In the end, the Tamil community is far more powerful than their numbers both here and overseas and you are just about to hand that power to the Muslim community also in your preaching of hate and fear mongering.

It’s time Buddhists retake Buddhism from charlatans pretending to be Buddhist, and consign them to starvation, and practice Buddhism according to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Only then will they understand one by one how much they have fooled their following into pretending Sri Lanka is a Theravada state when it is just a feeble excuse of a Sodom and Gomorrah state combined, today.

Let us hope that a true leader, who primarily has the interests of ALL the people of Sri Lanka, especially the Buddhists, emerges before it is too late and before this country disintegrates into a hell hole of Rajapaksa creation, and delusion.           

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