Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why is Karu Jayasuriya’s camp so desperate as to want RW not to contest and stand down instead?

The latest twist in the leadership saga is that the pressure is on to get RW to quit so that KJ can become the Party leader unopposed. This can only be patently obvious to the thinker that they do not have enough votes to win, thereby consigning KJ to the dustbin of history courtesy of Sajith Premadasa, who persuaded this wavering indecisive elder statesman that he was actually wanted!

Is this just to satisfy the guilty conscience of SP, who must feel responsible for his latest faux pas, this time putting another person in the well? If the last time was not bad enough, how can one get any confidence in a man who appears to hang on to his mother’s petticoat tails? A man who is popular but who has taken so many bad steps that his following fails to comprehend this simple fact, blind to his weaknesses in their utter disgust of RW.

The UNP MUST NOT make the mistake of backing KJ or SP only because they hate RW. This to me appears to be happening now. Sirasa which is irrelevant to the decision that has to be made, showing relevance in the eyes of some who should know better, making an unnecessary contribution to the confusion, is an unneeded distraction. So keep your eyes and ears sharpened to the cauldron of discontent.

The party is greater than these self serving, petty, undignified players pontificating about their suitability to a still very impressionable electorate. The party will eventually surpass all these frivolous attempts at its destruction at the hands of wavering unprincipled ‘jonny come lately’ types extolling the virtues of dead men, who cannot vouch for their actions.

It is time to stop the rot, clean up the crap, take charge of the shop, and build a dedicated, hard working, committed and disciplined team to take the Party and through it the country to a level not seen in this island. It is our duty, as patriotic citizens to reclaim the lost democracy and decency we deserve. We cannot permit a family driven nepotistic dominance to dictate how we should or should not live. An informed educated citizen who we can be proud of is the order of the day, who can make a decision as to who should lead them, given the facts and policies to protect this country from environmental destruction, and develop this country in a sustainable manner, bearing in mind that all the citizens have both a right and responsibility for their actions, for a promising future for them and their children, in the challenging years ahead. They will then not be fooled by outward appearances but be assured that the most suitable person will lead for a term or two, preventing a cult following that undermines democracy and the rule of law.

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