Friday, December 16, 2011

The UNP must have a leadership contest on Sunday the 18th and not a compromise

The crisis in the UNP has reached a point at which the country must start 2012 with a united party. It is a simple process. Karu Jayasuriya has expressed his intention to contest in the interest of party unity. So if he thinks he has what it takes to win, then he should accept the challenge of a leadership contest on the 18th that is on Sunday as most of the remaining positions in the Working Committee will then be filled and a full WC along with the Parliamentary Caucus should be called and a vote of those present and voting MUST take place in a secret ballot.

Prior to the election, both RW and KJ MUST put out a statement that they will respect the outcome and abide by it and support the winner to unify the party. Then a statement must be made personally by the winner to rebuild the fractured party, and inform all those who voted against the winner or who have expressed their opinions against the winner to desist until the next leadership contest, in the interests of party unity that is paramount.

The red herring that the Sirasa TV news is putting out against RW should not influence the WC as it is purely a person vendetta that has little bearing in fact. If one only looks at the people the TV channel brings out to bash RW it is a laughable lot. Not one Pradeshiya Sabha Member or Palath Sabha Member (Provincial Councillor) of any significance has come out against RW, which by of itself must make the people realize that the support that RW has with those in the hinterland is not what Sirasa claims to be.

It is sad that the general public has been fooled so much by this TV station as to affect public opinion incorrectly and the fact that RW camp have not uttered a word in his defense gives a false impression that he is does not have backing. Both these facts along with the misleading statement put out by the Maha Sangha yesterday asking KJ to be appointed party leader by consensus and RW leader of the opposition without going for a contest should also be ignored, as interference and manipulation of the clergy by the KJ camp to further their cause.

The winner’s statement must ensure the inclusion of all the camps in the unified party to tackle the worst excesses of the government. Either way Sajith Premadasa gains confirmation as the sole deputy, and can be given the responsibility to go into the electorates to organize the faithful and be held accountable for a greater part of the new resurgence, without wasting his efforts on a personal agenda such as the totally self promoting “sasunata aruna” program of giving checks of Rs50K each to places of religious worship. WE MUST HAVE AN EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION

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