Friday, December 23, 2011

Ranil Wickremasinghe’s opinion of Sajith Premadasa & Dayasiri Jayesekera

In my opinion, Ranil Wickremasinghe’s perspicacious analysis of the above two rising stars of the UNP has undoubtedly led him to believe that in NO uncertain terms will he allow either to be the party leader at the present moment despite the perilous state of the party. I will recommend both Sajith and Dayasiri, who I admire to read the past 10 blog entries to look at their weaknesses and determine if they accept my reasoning, agree to change their ways to learn from past mistakes so that RW can change this view. RW is willing to give up his leadership today, if his opinion turns favorable.

I hearby show below the extracts from the Wikipedia definition of the word:
Perspicacity (also called perspicaciousness and perspicuity) is a penetrating discernment - a clarity of vision or intellect which provides a deep understanding and insight.
In his study of the elements of wisdom, the modern psychometrician Robert Sternberg identified perspicacity as one of its six components or dimensions; the other five being reasoning, sagacity, learning, judgement and the expeditious use of information. In his analysis, perspicacity was described as
...has intuition; can offer solutions that are on the side of right and truth; is able to see through things — read between the lines; has the ability to understand and interpret his or her environment.
—Robert J. Sternberg , Wisdom: its nature, origins, and development
I quote from today’s (23rd December 2011) issue of the Daily Mirror, which under the caption, ‘Lack of consensus resulted in clashes’ where Dayasiri says that the Monday clashes would have been avoided had the party accepted the party leader position for Karu Jayasuriya and leaving RW with the Opposition Leader title.

A statement such as the above is convincing evidence that it was perfectly OK for UNP supporters to damage the buildings and vehicles in the Siri Kotha complex because his opinion was not what prevailed. Nonsense such as this from prominent figures is what is wrong in politics. If he cannot see this as something wrong, then he certainly should join the other side as it would be best for the UNP not to have leaders who fool the people into believing mistruths.

RW is reluctantly holding onto the party leadership, even though he, as a scholar and intellectual, could be most comfortable pursuing other interests. He is holding onto it until a person who shows maturity, tact, and responsibility shows up. It is wrong to believe we need another Rajapakse type to beat him as many people do, but a man who can be contrasted so easily that he is white to the Raja’s black!!!

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