Friday, December 23, 2011

I was a supporter of Sajith Premadasa, and now I am really cheezed off

As each day passes and more mistakes and errors of judgment are made by Sajith I find that he is unfit for high office, and has damaged any future chance he may have of leading the UNP. The latest was his complete and unabashed support for Sirasa TV for their personal attack on RW, Sajith's party leader. It is the duty of the Deputy Leader to protect the leader and not to attack him, what he thinks in private should be kept as such.

So being complicit in supporting Sirasa who pays Sajith a substantial retainer along with a host of other UNP MPs, they are purposely fooling the public due to their own agendas that clash with those of the Party. It is obvious that there is no meeting of the minds and slugfests continues in the UNP amongst and against its own membership. I am sad about this and it is just a matter of time when the party splits and those who form the breakaway cannot use any derivative of the UNP and must realize that their efforts at forming a new party will be short lived.

When the arrested persons were released on bail yesterday, it was Sajith who embraced Maithri Guneratne. It was obvious therefore from that point, that SP is really close to him, who has mercilessly attacked the leader. On the one hand SP supports Maithri in his personal agenda, but then fails to carry that through face to face with the leader, as he should but uses the Sirasa TV as his mouthpiece.

This entanglement with a questionable TV channel in terms of its obvious behavior will most definitely affect his future, unless he disassociates with MTV group. This he is unlikely to do due to the favors he receives. Therefore his potential future within the party will also be at risk due to the pig headed advice he takes.

Furthermore he again invoked his father’s name yesterday on some inconsequential event and further sullied his name. These additional acts coming out of insufficient experience does not bode well for the future even in this festive season. It comes to the stage now that he cannot mend fences but go it alone. I wish him good luck as he does not fit in with the fuddy duddy types who have dropped him. Further he is not helping his cause when being seen with people who are committed to the downfall of the Leader. IN short his position is untenable.

The question is if all his supporters, who also are supporters of those arrested, such as Rosy, Thalatha, Dayasiri, Sujeewa, Karu, Dunesh and others are ready to form a new political party tomorrow or day after arising from this dispute. Some serious issues of discipline will come thick and fast against all these, leading to further erosion of the UNP grass roots establishment. How can they stay in the UNP?

There is no question that the example set by this behavior is ammunition to the govt. who will show film clips and say how can such a bunch of undisciplined rioters form any party let alone a government if this is the example or precedent they set! 

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