Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The attackers of Siri Kotha were visited in remand by supposed UNPers!!!

What kind of example are people of repute showing the public? It was clear that a punishable crime was committed in full view of the cameras on Monday at Siri Kotha. Considerable damage to property including vehicles was done by these demonstrators who were unhappy with the result of the outcome of the leadership and election to other positions. Some of it was the property of the UNP other was property of the state including the vehicle of the Leader of the Opposition.

The names of those primarily responsible for that crime were given to the Police who on the following day arrested them and charged them with a crime and then remanded them till January 2nd 2012. Amongst them were people’s elected representatives, namely provincial councilors who had been given TV coverage by Sirasa to attack the leader of the party they represent in a very undignified and malicious manner.

The same TV channel showed, Mr Karu Jayasuriya, Mr Sajith Premadasa, Mr Dayasiri Jayasekera, Mr Sujeeva Senasingha, Ms Rosy Senanayaka and others visiting the courts complex where they had been brought to face the magistrate with the accusations. They then made statements to the effect that their arrest was wrong and a bad precedent. This was broadcast in prime time news.

No one will deny the above facts as stated. Now I am stating my opinion. Is our country deteriorating to a stage where a responsible media channel gives coverage to people of repute condoning acts of violence against their own party HQ, by their own supporters? I am really troubled by this turn of events. If adults cannot see this, who can blame our kids who are impressionable from believing that if they do not agree with something, it is perfectly fine to destroy property or in effect commit a crime? Important people have not condemned this act of destruction. That is the nub of the point I am trying to illustrate.

It is clear that the leader of the Party has not been able to assert sufficient discipline to call these people who visited the remand prisoners, and say that what they have done is wrong. Even if they are their own supporters, it is these very same people who were unable to control them and by default are also complicit in the crime, but were not arrested due to the difficulty of making this connection.

The impressionable General Public have now been influenced to accept that this behavior is acceptable, and it right to support the criminals as the criminality is justifiable to achieve their objectives. No wonder the grassroots support them!!

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