Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sajith what next? Has one person spoiled his chances of leadership?

After the WC meeting, the police came in to the room and met Sajith and asked him to speak to his supporters to leave the premises quietly. It was then apparent to all present that Sajith’s goons were the trouble makers who caused the damage to the UNP headquarters and the personal property of the gathered members. Sajith had hitherto protested that he had nothing to do with the protests, but his lie was exposed at that moment.

The million dollar question is that if this is how Sajith and his camp attack people who disagree with him, what will happen if Sajith is the president? The question asked by many now is, if a Premadasa Presidency is in power how will they treat the opposition if this example is any indication of their behavior?

The General Secretary, Tissa Attanayake asked for police presence from noon as there were 45 National Members of Parliament present. There was NO police presence and this whether or not there were protestors is irrelevant. The government failed or by design decided it was best not to give security and instead have the UNP HQ attacked in this very manner, so they can show their supporters and the people at large that it is a party not worthy of being elected.

As a UNP supporter an MP was heard saying at Sri Kotha, that to see the HQ of his party being treated like this tears came to his eyes. The elephant on the wall was removed and destroyed, by supposed UNP supporters. What does this mean? This does not bode well at all for Sajith. What is now apparent is that five RW supporting MPs got together and decided to give the vote to Sajith to save his bacon. If not Ravi Karunanayake would have won, and just think about the consequences of that for the party in the ground and village level. A party without Sajith at the moment is unthinkable. He is not doing his cause any good by this behavior.

It is now advisable for these MPs to speak to Sajith and tell him to patch up his quarrel with RW and decide to work together to build the party back to its former strength. He should get on the Squak Box(TV) especially Sirasa and make a formal announcement to work with the Leader and do his best to help the party achieve its objective and work in concert with the Executive Committee to bring about rapid change to the fortunes of both the party and hopefully by it the country.

I believe it is a great opportunity that a secret ballot has chosen the key members of the Opposition team to go to the country without fear to obtain the peoples support.

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