Saturday, December 24, 2011

So what does it mean when you say black and white? – Ranil and Mahinda are at opposite spectrums - you make the choice!

People sometimes wonder how RW has remained the party leader for so long. It is because no one has emerged within the party to come close to challenging him in terms of a person who can be contrasted against the President. Just think about it. If either KJ or Sajith were the party leaders, people will compare the superiority of the President against both of them. As the qualities are comparable and not distinguishable, so it is a matter of criteria without contrast. Similar mould!

When it comes to RW it is a wholly different kettle of fish. He is so different it is not funny. Unfortunately the party and the press has not endeared themselves to this fact and done the comparison so people can make an opinion based on the facts. Let me try just to explain.
1       RW is a knowledgeable intellectual on a range of subjects who reads avidly. MR in contrast is more interested in meeting with people and gossiping.
2       RW knows and practices Buddhism in a way that MR cannot match, but he does not make a media show about it. MR on the other hand knows nothing but gets the media to portray him as a great Sinhala Buddhist. It is only a vacuum title with no roots.
3       RW has not changed his behavior for the media since he got into politics for the sake of a show. Be it behavior of kissing babies or calling people by their first name. He believes kissing babies and telling them he is giving them a huge debt to repay when they grow up is a very dishonorable thing. Instead he knows the name but pretends not to know!
4       RW will not change his attire to garner popularity or votes unlike his nemesis, he just wears what he feels comfortable. He will even wear a blue shirt, to show he is not concerned about criticism by supporters of that attire.
5       No one can point a finger at RW as someone who is either a crook or lived off the benefits of office. I shudder at the thought of what mud is attached to MR who has lived off politics all his life.
6       RW has no family favorites for high office that he hopes to leave for the future, unlike MR who is completely spoilt for choice with every family member being given a position, unlike any country on the face of the earth.
7       RW is not a people person gathering disparate opinions to make decisions by consensus, unlike MR. People see that as a weakness in RW character.
8       RW has lived in his house all along, except in Temple Trees, whilst MR has been in state accommodation. Even Carlton is someone else’s and he pretends it is his. No one therefore has been told the truth. Lies become truth
9       MR likes his name on all monuments. RW will fight to make sure his name does not appear on anything even many of the institutions he has founded.
10  MR has a file on all his closest advisors and Ministers, so that the dirt can be exposed when or if they desert him. RW on the other hand has it in his head, not wishing to expose those who let him down. Good examples are the people who left the party against whom he has not uttered one word.
11  MR resorts to the underworld to threaten or bump off anyone who has crossed him. RW on the other hand believes in Karma and expects the punishment and retribution to be meted in other ways.
12  RW sees through sycophants, and MR laps them up, see Sajin and Mervyn if any proof is required.
13  RW would rather reduce debt and balance the budget and is conservative in his policies. MR on the hand will give anything if it means receiving credit and will sell the country to make good on the promises, whether or not there is money in the treasury.
14  RW is an international statesman and MR is an international Pariah except in states such as China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Burma.
15  Despite accusations to the contrary, RW had a vision for Sri Lanka that was far more comprehensive and visionary than the Mahinda Chinthana was or Idiri Dakma could ever be. However he lost the Presidential in 2005.
16  RW managed to split Karuna and Pillayan from Prabarkaran, but never made a deal with Prabarkaran for money as MR did. The CFA however was a grave mistake, thanks to the Norwegians who were duped also.
17  Mahinda loves the media spotlight, and RW hates the media spotlight, something that is essential today in order to gain votes in a democracy.
18  RW is from mainly Kandyan stock, proud that one of his ancestors fought and was killed by the British in some 19th Century war, whilst MR is looking for every connection he can muster to make a case that he is descended from Dutugemunu and to fool everyone when he is only from the junior branch of the Rajapakse family, where MP Nirupama is from the senior one!
19  MR greets everyone like his long lost friend in a jovial and warm way, whilst RW passes by his closest friend without even an acknowledgement or nod, as if he had not seen him, though he has but does not deem it necessary.
20  RW is of the Sri Lanka University system, and went to Law College. He had the chance to go overseas, but chose to study in the state university system. MR did not got to University and instead did his law exams when he became an MP in 1970 at age 24 and became a lawyer at around age 30.
21  Percy Mahendra changed his name to Mahinda for expediency, whereas Ranil did not think he needed to change his name to get ahead in politics.

I recommend the reader to take account of the two contrasting styles and determine who you would prefer to be your leader, if either,and perhaps change your opinion.

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