Friday, December 23, 2011

So you thought you knew whose side the President is helping!! In the UNP struggle

At the traditional end of Budget Speaker’s dinner held at the Speaker’s official residence on Wednesday, 21st December 2011, Rosy Senanayake MP went to the President and said she wanted to meet him with regard to obtaining a release for those (16) who had been taken into custody for suspicion in inciting the mob to attack the UNP HQ Siri Kotha.

Hey Presto after the President’s intervention they were all released on a small bail on spurious legal grounds. Now who is the President in bed with? So if you want any more proof, how about the fact that Hema Premadasa was seen going around in her luxury SUV delivering rice packets to the demonstrators? When she got wind that the police were about to arrest her on suspicion of inciting the rioters, she promptly got on the phone to the President to ask him to intervene to stop her being arrested. Now she calls him each time she hears the next door neighbor sneeze for fear that someone is out to get her!

Despite Tissa Attanayake the General Secretary of the UNP calling the police well in time to provide security to Siri Kotha, they did not do so. (It would be normal to provide extra security to protect over 40MPs of the country who were gathered in one place) The govt. could have saved RW, Siri Kotha and Working Committee if they wanted to, but for their own reasons wanted the place destroyed, by the UNP’s own supporters so they can use it for political capital.

I do not need to break the anti RW element’s canard that govt. is helping RW as it is the Sajith side that is being helped handsomely by the govt. so that the unity of the party is further destroyed. It is obvious that the Sajith camp should be banished and the people clearly advised of their treachery. The legal problem with that is when and if the Sajith supporters are expelled, they will have this incident entangled in court. The govt. who wields the power, will force the court to prevent them from being expelled, further embroiling the UNP in internal strife, again for the benefit of the state. Party Unity is feared by MR. The ‘phoenix’ will rise!!! So everything must be done to suppress it.

This points to one obvious fact. There are so called UNP supporters, handsomely paid by the govt. to cause dissension in the UNP. Is it Maithri Guneratne? Or even Sajith Premadasa? Or maybe Shiral Lakthilaka or god forbid even Rosy Senanayake! It HAS TO BE one or more of these individuals who are working for the government from the so called UNP rebels side. Isn’t it amazing that in all this, it is RW who is implicated as he does not speak to the press to present his case? He does not have any faith in the press to tell the truth so he just says nothing not doing his cause any justice in this media influenced world where the readership can be fooled so easily into believing what is written!

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