Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A 70+ politician with no popular support is perceived by a small vocal minority as someone who is capable of higher office, now that is ludicrous!!

The statement Karu Jayasuriya(KJ) made about the need to unify the party and that he is contesting for the leadership of the Party is to say the least arrogant. After all it is he who instigated the rot by heading 17 or so Parliamentarians to the Government ostensibly to support the war and returning even before the war ended empty handed. If he had not left it is arguable that the UNP could be in Government, and the two thirds majority that is causing all these dictatorial changes may never have happened. This is reason itself to label him as a traitor to the UNP, which most of the loyal party supporters remember and agree with.

The list of organizations and people that have asked him to contest for leadership is not even a whos who except for SP. It is just a few opportunists who see a chance of a last glimmer of limelight and are clutching at straws. The expression on RW’s face at today’s ceremony to launch the KJ website says it all, when the latter’s qualities were ennobled by no less than Professor Mohan Munasinghe, who one could argue is least qualified to comment on them. It was a smirk that said it all.

He is likely to have received many more calls and letters asking him not to seek leadership as compared with the few though influential people who have asked him to. Therefore the opinion is mixed and common sense must prevail weighing the two sides.

Either way in the unlikely event of KJ taking the leadership, the party rank and file will desert the party or at least stay away in droves, more so than with RW and affect the party adversely, which the Sajith camp know. They have got KJ to appoint SP as the deputy leader so that in the expectation that KJ will be forced to step down due to a party revolt, SP would be the natural choice until the next convention, which will encourage other contenders, pushing the Party into further turmoil. This course of action is really what the government wants. The UNP dick heads are just playing into their hands “hook line and sinker” while not realizing the obvious strategy of divide and rule.

It is important that the UNP stalwarts realize that if RW is replaced it HAS to be with someone younger than RW and not someone a full 9 years older. These elementary rules play into the obvious plan of getting SP through the back door. If he cannot come through the front, trying to get in through the back is just daft. Whatever one does through the back door always comes to haunt you later, so with hindsight and sound advice rethink this foolish move, and desist from playing games whilst the country needs a strong opposition, which only a united team and not a divided one can provide. Contest for the leadership without using a surrogate.                                                                                                                 
To the detractors who say anyone but RW, think again. The fire is worse than the frying pan. It is the contents on the fire which need removal and all will be well.

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