Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Karu Jayasuriya is on a do or die mission. So he is working with whose camp?

A whole day in Kandy doing the rounds not just with the Asgiriya and Malwatte Prelates, KJ went to other religious institutions in Kandy, Christian, Muslim and Hindu just to be equitable and for the TV cameras to get their blessings too.

If one is of sound mind, one will realize if one went on the same mission one would receive the same level of blessings. After all when a leading newspaper reported today that Agiriya had wanted him as the leader, Agiriya immediately fired a call to the paper and said he said no such thing. Shit hit the fan at the Newspaper offices as whoever reported and took responsiblity for the article was laid bare on the carpet for misleading the readership!

Today, KJ is busy canvassing his doubters of his suitability, and if that was not enough, realizing that compromise is the order of the day, is going around saying he can allow RW to be a token Leader of the Opposition, while he is the Leader of the Party. So the “Nayakathuma” position will then be taken by a person who betrayed the party, something most of the party faithful cannot stomach.

Remember readers, you only see one side in the Press. RW camp is not fighting or defending themselves, as they do not want to be drawn into the debate preferring to wear down the opposition. This has always been RW’s style. Can anyone show me any comment RW has made for his side, suitability or not? That proves the point I am making, as the whole match at the moment is reporting just one side and opinion. RW is confident that his side will not waver, as he has demanded and got complete loyalty, except of a few exceptions of back stabbing.

There is a school of thought that says, it is one of the two who will get burnt and go into oblivion. In either case, Sajith is sitting pretty as he is the effective undisputed Deputy Leader who will lead the party! That, my dear friends, is what is called the winning hand in poker, where the camp backing KJ is undoubtedly the Sajith camp. It is plainly obvious that KJ has no camp, as he is NO gentlemen. He is playing a sinister, devious role, which is just as likely to lead him into political suicide, as it is to lead him to temporary leadership, before he calls it a day.

KJ is fighting for his political life. RW is not fighting and in the few occasions I have seen him this week is as cool as a glazed cherry, with a renewed blossom of color waiting for the fight, with his aces up his sleeve, which no one can see. He has not shown his hand. This is the politics of Sri Lanka, full of intrigue, as small players think they can be big shots, little realizing how really amateurish they are.

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