Monday, December 19, 2011

The Staggering failure of the Karu Jayasuriya media campaign is an eye opener

Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that RW would score so highly against KJ. In the past few days I highlighted the media campaign launched to back KJ as opposed to the NIL campaign by RW to further his cause. This was obvious because all the media focused on the anti RW people and especially Sirasa TV.

So now it is the best result for the party, a decisive one, and has put paid to the political future of Sajith Premadasa, as he could only scrape 8 votes more than the very unpopular Ravi Karunanayake. He must realize that the vote indicates that no one liked his style of putting KJ forward sending him to the gallows. The party faithful do not appreciate his self-publicity seeking campaign of Sasunata Aruna that put person before party. They were also aware of his complicity in damaging the Hyde Park anti-government rally by ensuring Anoma Fonseka did not come.

The matter is closed. I wish RW gets on the microphone and tells those who are shouting at Sirikotha to join him in the struggle or else just leave the party. It is time now to unite and not divide. All internal party disputes should now be settled and as the anti RW faction has been shown wanting badly.

Now that Sajith’s faction cannot accept defeat, they are now stoning Siri Kotha and wrecking this place in the process, showing a very bad example of human behavior. Sajith Premadasa MUST take full responsibility for harboring goons in the likes of Lal Perera a self appointed media spokesman for their cause. It is shameful to imprison the whole of the WC and the Parliamentary Party namely all the UNP MP’s inside UNP headquarters and not allowing them to move.

They called for the election, it was held, the result is out, now get on with the main order of business, namely providing an effective opposition in the Country to represent the grievances of the people who do not have a voice and are not represented by the government. The faults of the government come to light every day and unless the opposition grabs hold of the media and takes an aggressive stance at publicizing these facts, their faults will not be apparent to the public. This latter requirement is a MUST and a duty to the people of this country.

So let us pray that the new leadership ASSERTS their authority and instills discipline and provides a new trajectory to the UNP so that they can prove to their backers that they are worthy of their support in order to begin the campaign of resistance and opposition to the actions of the government. Let us hope that all the media that has taken upon themselves to attack the leader would now desist.

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