Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“Baba tath adu Paba tath adu” manapa labuna Karu Nayakathwaya Illai

KJ who received less preference votes than two novice MPs Baba and Paba in the Gampaha District is hoping to lead the UNP! Are you guys serious? Sajith whatever made you write that letter? Do you want to finish what’s left? This after Sajith agreed with Tiran Alles to prevent the DNA or even the DP from attending the Hyde Park Rally and when Anoma Fonseka asked Karu whether she should attend, KJ said that it was not necessary to attend and that he KJ would not be attending as he was going to India. These are the so called"party faithful/faithless" who are called upon to lead the party. Anyone but I should say under the circumstances.

In the latest charade of the UNP another leader, Karu Jayasuriya is being sent to the gallows by his own so called supporters. First it was Sajith who should have put his hat into the ring  without asking KJ to do the dirty work for him. Then these troublesome bhikkus who think people care a rats ass for what a few disgruntled old men think have asked him to put his hat in to spite RW. Then he says Seniors in the party the people who should have shouldered and brought up a new generation instead of wallowing in self pity have nowhere else to turn to, to spite RW and thrown their hat in with KJ and they are now hoping all the disgruntled party, MP and Working Committee members want to join in the fray to defeat RW.

For good measure he makes a questionable statement saying Civil Society has also asked him to take on the mantle in the interests of preserving Democracy in the country. All these nameless and self serving people do not add up to a hundu!

What they do not get is how a person who took 17 MPs with him to help the government defeat the LTTE return empty handed without even his Private Secretary who has joined Basil Rajapakse? The statement he made about him going across the floor to help the government lacks credibility, as he was not able to keep his camp from decamping. So we are ready for his last rights.

It is incredible how politicians use this canard saying others want him so he is making a huge sacrifice to put his name forward to challenge RW. What arrant rot. He is doing it for himself and himself alone, no doubt supported by a stream of doubting Thomases who will be ready to push the dagger in when the time is right for them to take up the cause, when his time runs out.

All this adds to the credibility of RW the serial loser, as he can be contrasted even more than before against the current leadership, and does not come out looking bad. We agree that his competition in government is no match as they have shown that only personal gain rises above matters of state, and in order to hoodwink the nation have built an elaborate charade which will sooner or later come crashing down. It then must pass to someone who is poles apart from the existing mob, as otherwise someone too similar like Sajith Premadasa will only be given a short life to prove himself, due to the fact that he is cut from the same populist cloth.
I have nothing against KJ personally as I do not know the man, but from the actions taken lately, where he sits on the fence not expressing an opinion, and from the alleged transferring of preferences in Gampaha just to save his but, as his popularity amongst the voters had plummeted to a new low, can hardly endear him to any of the party rank and file in the hinterland. Do not forget there is no one more distasteful to the party faithful than someone who has defected and let the side down. It is no good using the example of Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake who formed their own party. This was a man who joined the government for a ministry and that makes it all the more disagreeable.

The cacophony of priests brought to strengthen his case is another dance of smoke and mirrors to fool the electorate as the numbers do not amount to more than 30 at best. This kind of ill conceived act, must be seen as further evidence of their unsuitability for high office. They take advice from people who are not qualified to give advice. It is correct to assume that RW does not take advice from anyone and acts on his own gut instincts, and to that end he must be given credit for making his own decisions, even though some may turn out to be wrong.

We only have till Wednesday and mercifully, the suspense is not for long. I just hope it will be a secret ballot, so the members of the Working Committee can vote their conscience and not to gain favors from people they expect to win. I know RW is confident of keeping his position, and his only concern is the number of votes that KJ can garner at the election, to note how many of the members disapprove of his leadership, perhaps an indication for him to leave given a time frame of say two years, which gives enough time to groom someone suitable to take over.

It must be remembered that Sri Lanka still votes on feudal lines, and sometimes caste lines, no matter what people say. That is why people of the same families contest certain areas, despite not having much experience. They are able to get elected using their pedigree. This still holds true much to the disgust of the JVP.

It is important then to have this contest over with, then the Working Committee should be fully constituted and the organization planned for the next General Election without further delay. The government is going from one disastrous decision to the other and getting away with blue murder, with no checks. It is important that various committees are set up and new policies drafted to counter the ruination to the morals, environment, and now even the stoking of the opposition to break up, a very clever part of strategy of divide and rule, no different to the Colonials! It is time that the problems of the country are addressed and solutions provided, so that the credibility of the Opposition increases.

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