Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sajith please hold your ‘Press Conference’ tomorrow at Siri Kotha not elsewhere

It is known that many people who supported RW gave their vote to Sajith as the Deputy Leader, knowing that he will be the heir apparent and that it was good for the party. However he is now holding a press conference tomorrow in a place outside of Sri Kotha almost as a slap in the face for the party that has elected him, deputy leader.

Do not do so. You have every right to hold a press conference in Siri Kotha, without permission from anyone. Therefore if you do not hold it there, it means you are about to go against the unity of the party and possibly have some of the Siri Kotha attackers in the team surrounding you at the media briefing. This is contrary to party unity and if you are unable to carry out your duties as the Deputy Leader under the current leadership, resign your position now and don’t waste the time of the hard working party loyalists by fooling them. If it is a new party you wish to create please understand that you can do it but it is not the UNP. You will split the party and delay its rising by a few years, but you can never increase your voter base at the expense of the party as it is a person you are creating and not a party that is the follower of the original National Congress of beginning of the 20th century.

So my advice is DO NOT create any more rifts, and let down those who had faith in you as the Deputy. You know your limitations and your inability to take on the reigns of the party leadership. That is why you pushed Karu to an early demise from active politics, much against his will by fooling him and your followers that he had active backing of the party stalwarts.

So instead of taking the platform to do what you are good at, namely a tirade against the leadership, either resign from the position or the party and finish it off. I know that is not what you want, but it may what your advisers want you to do to teach RW a lesson. That is not your agenda, it is theirs, so do not get sucked into it. They wish to pursue their agenda and are using you. Only you will suffer as you have the most to lose.

You action tomorrow however much you think to the contrary could be the beginning of the end of your promising political career. There are enough ambitious people who want to take up from you, and don’t think that you are indispensible. The times are tough in the opposition, bear all the troubles with fortitude and build your reserves of strength for the huge battles ahead for the UNP against the government and all its actions in 2012. The party needs you to lead from the front. If you give that up do not expect anyone to forgive you!!

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