Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh what a Farce in covering up one of the Deadliest blows to Tourism!!!

The murder of a British Citizen, who was knifed and possibly shot as well, and the brutal rape and assault of his Russian girlfriend at the hands of goons led by the Chairman of the Tangalle Pradeshiya Sabha has not attracted the needed response from those in authority, namely the Rajapakse brothers.

After all it is Basil who is a Tourism Minister and he has been tight lipped for want of a better word to describe why his lips are not just sealed but stapled!! Then there is his brother the President who has yet to acknowledge his disgust at the behavior of a chum. How about Chamal who is pictured with a photo of the suspect PS Chairman?

How about brother Ghotabaya who is the Secretary of Defense who has to explain how a T56 got to be used in this shooting? He has obviously permitted the PS Chairman, one who is totally unfit, to carry a weapon so dangerous. No wonder the LLRC in its recent report recommended that all the unauthorized weapons must be rounded up if we are to have any sense of security as realistically it is only government goons who would dare carry weapons. After all others will be prosecuted with the full force of the law if a weapon was found in their presence, or more likely killed in a reported shootout!!

The silence from the above family and I also hear that Shashindra, Chamal’s son who is the Chief Minister of the UVA province is also known to him having seen a friendly photo with him. Namal also I believe was photographed with him. So it seems that most of the first family is implicated by guilt by association of a crook.

In Sri Lanka sadly all that is wrong can be pointed directly or indirectly at the first family and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that no one can criticize them is the reason they are getting away with murder, NO PUN INTENDED!

Let us get back to how we can get some sense back into the Tourist Business. The people in the Tourist trade are aghast at what happened and all the talk amongst them is about the way to repair this damage. The fact that there is no acceptance of guilt or responsibility by anyone in authority is itself a cause for concern. So come on guys do some damage control immediately first by consultation with all stake holders before making a statement to the Media you will regret as you may not think through all the implications. It has already hit the newswires worldwide and those who are the country’s foes are hard at work making hay while the President is in bed!! This is a cry from the Industry so hear it and act before it is too late. A patriot speaks against traitors.


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