Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Daya Gamage worse than a cry baby!

It is quite clear that UNP Minister Daya Gamage expressing sour grapes over NO CHAMBER defending HIM when Sevenagala Sugar which he was running was taken over by the Rajapakse Govt. by "passing the foreign investment takeover act", that took over NOT just his but other enterprises including Pelwatte Sugar, was a CRY BABY type scenario.

A man of his stature representing his government at the event, must NOT use it as a BULLY PULPIT for his personal grouses. We know he is not happy in this Govt. as he believes he has had step motherly treatment, as so so Minister, a joker in fact!

He MUST ask himself why the PM has treated him like that? If I were to hazard a guess, it is because he is a winger! A whiner! He thinks he is entitled because when the party was down to its jockstrap he saved the decency by bankrolling the party and paid the electricity and phone bills and whatever of Sirikotha. Does he realize that Ranil MORE THAN RETURNED THE FAVOR by giving his wife Anoma a place on the National List in favor of Sri Ranga? This resulted in 5 years of pure hell from that other maniac, Killi Maharajah, who misused his media, to throw everything at the then Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The PM has suffered tremendously having saved Daya’s bacon, now Daya is shitting on the PM saying nasty things about him, or the people he has appointed, and is going around expressing his disgust. He thinks he is PM material, when he is not even cleaning boy material. Class has obviously not grown with wealth and he had a chance to show class at this event, but instead flashed wealth by whinging about losing Sevanagala, and possibly not even receiving compensation.

If truth be told, his acquiring Sevenagala, and what he did with it, by selling molasses and not sugar, as the former was more profitable, and he made tons from it, can also be brought up. I know one is a by-product, but you can change the mix to suit your profit.

My advice is to chill! Learn what your weak points are. Become more statesman like, don’t wear your arrogance like a “abaranaya” leave it at home, and show humility, by not telling the world about your life story wherever you go, as it is now a broken record, as there are so many people like you, who never go on and on about it. People who worked for you and dedicated to your ideals are leaving because after acquiring power, you don't know how to use it gracefully for the people, and perhaps even your loyalists.

What have you done to the pepper industry? what have you done for Ceylon Cinnamon, areas which can make Sri Lanka famous and your name will stand out?  These two can make you more famous than any other position in Government that you covet, but you are blind to it, though the PM who gave you the challenge notices you are bluffing it! Don't be obsessed by yourself, but with your country that produced you and all your complaints will resolve themselves automatically. Didn't your wife tell you this already, and you did not heed her advice!

Learn from your wife, and ask her for advice, and I am sure she can turn you into a better man, and a SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE not a LORD of !

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