Monday, August 1, 2016

What if Sri Lanka just decides NOT to make any debt service payments!

Taking an extract from the link below, 

Sri Lanka’s debt situation is severe. The country is currently in $58.3 billion debt to foreign financiers, and 95.4% of all government revenue is currently going towards paying back its loans. This means that out of every hundred dollars the government brings in only $4.60 is going towards essentials like education and public services.”

The above link from the reputed business magazine FORBES shows the Chinese Entrapment Sri Lanka is in, and no wonder we as a Country are caught between a rock and hard place unable to extricate ourselves from this mess.

I don’t mind if it was that simple. Problem being that we don’t have competent people who can run this Country effectively if all debt was forgiven. They would get into the same debt trap, and promise the SUN MOON AND STARS to the people and they will vote them back into power having NOT learned a thing from 70 years of broken promises.

So how do we get back to normal? Simple – Educating the people to think will be the first step. Teaching right and wrong will be the second, and the 5 S system adopted by Japan is the third.

That done, we can go to the structural weakness in our society, which is the political culture. The simplest solution to that is to ONLY HAVE ONE TERM for anyone in public office. This last leg of my plan, will ensure that ALL corruption, nepotism will stop, and only professionally qualified or people with one or other of careers will go into politics for one term to serve their Country, with none going for life as a career as it is now.

This automatic change will ensure that the public service will automatically strengthen to a level that is trusted, and the numbers will dramatically fall, by half, allowing the existing service to be well paid and release people to take over the employment opportunities that cannot find sufficient workers to fill them. This will result in record economic growth, and well on the way to peace and prosperity. 

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