Thursday, August 18, 2016

STF – in the news for the wrong reasons – S/DIG Latheef Saga

It is becoming increasingly clear that the checks and balances that have been put in place to ensure that NO ONE is able to override the Good Governance procedures are just NOT working! That is extremely sad and regrettable and MUST be reversed come hell or high water! If we are to trust in the system that was established by democratic will of the people.

Otherwise what on earth is the point of democracy, if the very people who we elect do the exact opposite of what was promised on the ballot by way of manifesto!

Read both links below and it will be obvious that moves are afoot to protect the crooks and thieves from those who are trying to catch them, and all this by Presidential order no more no less.

The links are to reports from Colombo Telegraph and the Daily Mirror, which refer to the back office workings to prevent the Police Commission from appointing DIG Latheef as the commandant of the STF which he joined as its first class in 1984. Frankly in today’s context he is without doubt the best man for the job, and MUST be given this position to clean up the STF, so that it will once again be trusted and respected.

Surely if you are in the STF you would want someone like him to restore the reputation it once had, so that your own reputation as an office of the STF can give you a certain status!

It was alluded to that even the Cabinet Minister overseeing the Police Force is also attempting to put pressure to prevent this appointment. IF THAT IS IN FACT TRUE, then this joker is not qualified to be a Cabinet Minister, let alone be in charge of the Police.

We MUST be able to rely, and trust our security forces, and NOW with no war on, and the Tri forces, restricted to the barracks it is the STF that is in the forefront of the difficult tasks of catching underworld drug lords, and the worst type of gangs and criminals that the normal Police find difficult to deal with.


  1. Latheef has been appointed as the STF chief!