Saturday, August 20, 2016


As if it was bad enough to have the Defence Services College in the heart of Colombo occupying prime land worth at least Rs5Billion, we now have an instance of crass idiocy, where the same defence DUDES without an ounce of grey matter in their heads, are building a hostel for 550kids for forces personnel to attend the school a block away, occupying land worth Rs 1Billion at the least.

The papers say that it is costing Rs450M because the forces are using their personnel to build it as otherwise they would cost Rs600M, so it really is Rs600M that it is Costing the Country, on the assumption that the forces personnel could be MORE USEFULLY ENGAGED.

All in all at PRESENT VALUE we the Country is spending Rs1.6Billion as a minimum to give HOSTEL facilities to 550 kids! TELL ME IT IS NOT WASTEFUL SPENDING! Where is our great and mighty media, SILENT on this public waste of money. Give me the money and I  can build 10 big schools!

Until we remove cretins from decision making our Country will be wasting money on such useless exercises. Boarding schools are bad for kids at best.

For a start I was one who was dead against the waste of money in the heart of Malay Street to build the Defence Services College there. After all the kids are BUSSED FROM 30KM away to come there in 40 buses taking 2 hours at peak times, clogging up the Colombo Streets to come from places like the Panagoda Army camp.

Unless we should out loud these traitors of Sri Lanka who make these decisions will continue to make these same mistakes, as they SEE NOTHING WRONG IN THESE DECISIONS.

I say move the Army HQ to Polonnaruwa, move the Airforce to Trinco, and maybe the Navy there too, and free up the safe areas of Colombo for Commerce. The long term objective will be to move ALL SCHOOLS out of COLOMBO as they add to the Clogging of the roads, and the 3,000 school vans and buses litter the Colombo parking lots all day to take the kids home, and 3000 drivers sit on their arses all day, wasting their time. How long can this Country tolerate this nonsense?

Trust me these kids living in the heart of Colombo will die from cancer due to the foul air they breathe having to live there every day. Do you want that in your conscience?

Please use some common sense and don't behave like donkeys. It is NOT your money, it is the people of Sri Lanka who are paying for this, and some are very poor and you are taking it from the sugar they eat. Don't you have a conscience?

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